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  1. DarkRisingRay

    Other Metagames [BH] Fun Boom Sand Trap

    Introduction Hi Everyone, I've decided to return to the meta I love for 1 reason only, we finally had a sleep suspect and a sleep clause was implemented albeit this team handles sleep and pheal abusers well enough. I hope you enjoy reading this RMT and give me your honest thoughts on the team...
  2. DarkRisingRay

    Other Metagames [SM BH] Thermp's first RMT - Stall Destroyer

    Introduction Before I begin, I must formally let everyone know that I'm finished with Bh, it was fun but to be honest it's not fun anymore for me. You may know me as Thermp I made this team because I was tired of the magic bounce, imposter, shedinja, regen core that was running rampant in the...