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  1. :)

  2. Hello old friend. -310

    Hello old friend. -310
  3. MATTY!

  4. :o


  6. The World Cup of Pokémon 2017 - Finals [Won by Team USA East]

    Time for the return of the West Coast
  7. The World Cup of Pokemon VI - Semi Finals

    Phil#'s IS A BEAST.
  8. Let's wish matty a healthy recovery

    Holy fuck dude.. I don't know if it's of any consolation but I really wish you a good recovery! ~ Sadskie :'(
  9. The World Cup of Pokemon VI - Round 1

    hey doggie
  10. The World Cup of Pokemon VI - Signup Thread [NEW UPDATE: Post 643]

    Pokemon Online Username(s):duskie Country/State of Residence:california Nationality: mexico In for US BEST
  11. Smogon's Forum Invitational - Round Two

  12. Smogon Premier League - Play-offs - Finals! [Won by The Indie Scooters]

    Confirming, gg. Really sorry team.
  13. The World Cup of Pokemon V - Semi Finals

    Oceania vs Latin America Stallion vs ENZ0 animenagai vs _Rewer_ panamaxis vs legendary_07 Earthworm vs tito Blue Kirby vs Mizuno Heist vs Scimjara Hipmonlee vs hanke The_Chaser vs reyscarface ISGME vs United Kingdom Light-Kun vs Mechazawa Twist of Fate vs 6A9 Ace Matador Aldaron vs Taylor...
  14. The World Cup of Pokemon V - Round 2

    FUK WORMZ ;_; good run boys West is still fuking best