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  1. ethanlol

    ORAS OU Sablenite (M-Sableye Hazard Control)

    So this team originated from the OU Weekly Research where I chose Dragonite as my mon to experiment with. My first idea that I committed to throughout the whole team-building process was to make a hazard control team. Basically keep hazards off my side and on the opposing side. I have spent a...
  2. ethanlol

    ORAS OU Can't Take Me Down (M-Latias Hazard Stack)

    Can't Take Me Down This is my first even RMT on any type of forum. I decided that I wanted to share a team that I have been having a bit of fun with. It is based off of Calm Mind M-Latios with Bolt-Beam coverage. M-Latias is a rising threat and has been given the attention it deserves...