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  1. Moo

    Rating Basics

    Made a pretty decent rate on this RMT Is this an ok rate? I mean, the team was poorly made, with moves like Attract, so I sort of just spent the whole rate showing him how to fix up his team, and didn't manage to look over it for threats. That's ok, isn't it? Also, he had a Slaking, but I...
  2. Moo

    Rating Basics

    Hey I posted this rate a few minutes ago. Is it a bit too short? I kinda felt like I got the point across in a coherent manner, but I could use a second opinion
  3. Moo

    Smogon Tournament #8 - Round 1

    got haxed gg
  4. Moo

    The World Cup of Pokemon VI - Semi Finals

    My flag must win!
  5. Moo

    england riots

    going to london next week, fml..... Also I heard riots are being organised on twitter, but wouldn't that make it easier to track? :\
  6. Moo


    Considered a Specially Defensive set? Metagross has nice reisistances, mainly Dragon and Psychic, and could make use of Pursuit. (although the lati twins aren't that popular, so maybe not pursuit)
  7. Moo

    UU Index and Reservations Thread

    get them written up, then you can
  8. Moo

    How to rip off Fate - a 2k thread

    Genny's must've been drawn by chou :o good 2k, especially because I'm in it B)
  9. Moo

    Rotom-H [GP 2/2]

    Bumping for some QC imput! I got rid of Tbolt for Volt Switch on the Choice set because it's still pretty powerful and is useful for momentum. I played with Specs Rotom before and never used Thunderbolt because Volt switch is better in the majority of situations. I'm considering doing the same...
  10. Moo

    Jynx (Analysis)

    Great work on this, but have you tried Life Orb on the Nasty Plot set? Jynx is powerful but it still needs all the power it can get. Also, mention that faster Pokemon need to be removed before it can sweep, Jynx falls just short of the base 100 mark :\
  11. Moo

    Yanmega (Analysis)

    I think Life Orb should be te first set, it's much more common than specs, and a lot better too. I think Modest should be the nature of the Life Orb set because it won't need the extra Speed due to Speed Boost and Protect.
  12. Moo

    Victreebel (GP 2/2)

    Sludge Bomb is pretty cool, and I don't think HP Rock is absolutely necessary, but give it a mention somewhere if you get rid of it for Sludge Bomb No mention of Swords Dance? or Heat Rock + Sunny Day?
  13. Moo

    Lickilicky (Analysis)

    The Work Up and Swords Dance sets don't look very good. It's OHKO'd by pretty much every Fighting type, and seems a bit slow to do anything. Just my opinion though, I haven't seen it used to great effect. What about a Sleep Talk / Mono Attacker set? [SET] name: RestTalk move 1: Rest move 2...
  14. Moo

    UU Index and Reservations Thread

    woah, everything changed :o also my posts went down by like 30 lol Edit: ok, I'll fix it up when I get time, probably tomorrow..
  15. Moo

    Poliwrath (Analysis)

    I really like the first set, it's great at switching into bulky Water-types, because most of them rely on Scald to status the opponent. By the way, remove the "er" from the end of both of the set names; "SubPunch" and "RestTalk" are fine. Pretty surprised there was no mention of Rain Dance...
  16. Moo

    They see me trollin', they hatin' - Coma's arabian dont tell him he doest know yet

    :') Yeah I'm really a dude. Sorry for trolling you, I normally don't, but I was super bored! I hope you guys don't get mad :3 Nice thread comma
  17. Moo

    Crawdaunt (GP 0/2)

    If you're setting up right with Crawdaunt, then you shouldn't need a Lum Berry. Imo it should be removed and just give it a mention in additional comments. Mention Empoleon in counters, because you can only hit it with Superpower. Ferroseed too, but it isn't as common. Togekiss takes 62.8% -...
  18. Moo

    Sawk [QC 3/3]

    What about a Choice set? Sawk has a brilliant Attack stat and a passable Speed stat. Mold Breaker is cool too: [SET] name: Choice move 1: Close Combat move 2: Earthquake move 3: Stone Edge move 4: Payback item: Choice Band / Choice Scarf nature: Adamant / Jolly ability: Mold Breaker evs: 4 HP...
  19. Moo

    RBY Items

    40 -> 47 -> 54 -> 61 Increases by 7..... Maybe a mistake in the game? 35 -> 42 -> 49 -> 56 25 -> 30 -> 35 -> 40 20 -> 24 -> 28 -> 32 15 -> 18 -> 21 -> 24 10-> 12 -> 14 -> 16 All verified ingame. Conclusion: All moves increase by 1/5 with each PP Up, and can increase 3 times, for a total of...