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  1. The World Cup of Pokemon V - Signup Thread [UPDATED With Captains(Post #2)]

    Shoddybattle Username: iliketurkeybacon Country/State of Residence: Maryland, United States Nationality: American
  2. My first OU Team :D

    Rampardos doesn't need Crunch at all- STAB Stone Edge does a similar amount of damage as super effective Crunch, and Earthquake would hit the Rotom formes harder than both moves. You should replace it with Zen Headbutt, so that you aren't stopped by Machamp or Breloom. For its item, I suggest...
  3. Mono Tournament II - Round 2

    gg Vaz, nice use of Gallade :)
  4. My First RMT

    Your team handles Lucario really well. Defensive Starmie is commonly EVed to outrun all base 110s, and the only way Lucario can beat it is by using Crunch then Extremespeed, which will leave it with about 35% of its HP at most and without a Swords Dance. If it tries to Swords Dance first...
  5. Just Roll Over and Let It Drip Out (UU, peaked #1)

    I didn't realize that you were replacing both Rest and Roar. I thought that Foresight would be more useful than Ice Beam, but since you can use both moves, Ice Beam seems great to me. It would definitely help against Swellow and Scyther, who can 2hko your Blastoise since it is focused on...
  6. Just Roll Over and Let It Drip Out (UU, peaked #1)

    Nice team. In my games against you, CB Rhyperior definitely put pressure on my defensive Pokemon, and I thought it was more effective than a standard Leftovers set. I would also suggest using HP Ice on Scarf Rotom, as Choiced Will-O-Wisp gives Swellow a great opportunity to come in and start...
  7. Mono Tournament II - Round 1

    Yeah, Dragon mono was crazy unfair. Quagsire was awesome against Kingdra though :D
  8. Mono Tournament II - Signups

    In, if I'm not too late.
  9. np: Stage 3-5 - "Flashback Latias: The Year In Review" (RESPONSES DUE BY 11:59pm EST)

    I'm iliketurkeybacon from List A and have no accounts on List B or C.
  10. A First RMT

    A few suggestions- Since you have both Spore and Leech Seed on Breloom, you should probably go with Substitute over Seed Bomb, allowing you to stall most non-Grass Pokemon to death if you can put them to sleep, and get a free Focus Punch or Leech Seed if they switch out, rather than hoping you...
  11. Go Go Green Mushroom Guy [OU: Breloom]

    I recommend replacing Tyranitar for CB Scizor, with an EV spread similar to 160 HP/176 Atk/4 Spd/168 SDef so that it can check Latias reliably. Aside from Bullet Punch being an excellent revenge killing tool, your Rotom-H and Suicune will be able to stick around longer without constantly taking...
  12. Stall Princess

    Your team looks pretty solid, but I see you having a ton of trouble with Spikes if Starmie gets Pursuited (Weavile and Scarf Tyranitar easily 2HKO it if it doesn't switch, and even Weavile can survive a Life Orb Surf after Stealth Rock damage). I suggest having Forretress use Rapid Spin, and...
  13. A Nu World - Signups!

    In, if you end up going with 128.
  14. Stalling you to the Moon and back! My VGC team

    I don't have much experience with stall, but your team should probably have a Dragon resist, especially because your best wall is weak to that type. Off the top of my head, Skarmory could fit well, providing you with Spikes (you really should have some hazards on a stall team) and also having...
  15. UU Heroes!

    Timid Moltres is faster and stronger than Modest Charizard, and also has slightly better defenses. I suggest using Life Orb Moltres/Charizard instead of Choice Specs. Since Fire/Flying/Grass covers every type combination in UU, Roost can be used to possibly heal off Stealth Rock damage...