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  1. Falgaia

     Wonder Art Collab

    Approved by Bummer. In an attempt to create a new community project for the Smogon art community, the Pokemon Showdown Art Room has created the Wonder Art Collab (WAC), a monthly collaboration project where artists of all skill levels can meet and create with strangers and peers from within the...
  2. Falgaia


    Hi everyone! For those who don't know who I am, I go by the name of aXl or Falgaia or jadeVelocity depending on where you know me from. Smogon was actually where I got started doing art somewhere around six years ago, and even though I'm not a big competitive battler, I seem to keep coming back...
  3. Falgaia

    aXl's general thread: spriting goes here!

    ok not going to undermine the XY Sprite thread so I'll just post all of my scratch works from there here on the OP and then follow up with semi-decent pieces from my past. +Shiny ****** ***(technically only the backsprite on Tyrantrum is completely scratched, frontsprite is QC done...