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  1. Regiultima115

    The Void v2.0 {New Update Including a Brave Hope Diamond}

    Hello fellow Smogoners. Some of you may remember my old trade thread which I closed quite some time ago. However, I am back with a new trade thread. I will be updating when I can. This post and the title will be updated as progress is made. As always, first comes the rules: 1. No hacks...
  2. Regiultima115

    The Void

    Hello fellow Smogoners. I've felt that its time I opened up shop here and get to business. First, the rules. 1. All forum rules apply, NO EXCEPTIONS! 2. No ridiculous requests. I will not trade my KB 5IV shiny for your 0IV non-Kalos shiny. 3. Please do be patient with me. I do have a life...