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  1. Jerry the great

    Pending Make permalocks say the user was permanantly locked from talking instead of saying locked from talking for a week

    And same should go for blacklists. Instead of having it say the user is banned from the room, have it say the user is blacklisted from the room. And if another user said stuff like "Fuck you for blacklisting/permalocking him/her" or "UNBAN THAT USER RIGHT FUCKING NOW OR ELSE" then you can give...
  2. Jerry the great

    Some of the best Pokemon sprites

    This was approved by Codraroll. Sorry if the further text is out of size, I'm not used to going from mini to normal text. Hello! We had a thread of some of the worst Pokemon sprites. We also had 2 threads on little things you like about Pokemon, and vice versa. However, there is no some of the...
  3. Jerry the great


    You should know the answer. We've been introduced to restaurants as babies! And we found out more and more about them as we got older. If you don't want to answer the poll, you're always welcome to talk about a certain restaurant! Well actually the purpose is to talk about restaurants, but the...
  4. Jerry the great

    Challenge Are the Pokemon games just too easy? Well, I know how to make it more challenging! Just read the comment of mine below.

    So, people often say "Pokemon games these days are so/too easy!" Well, I have a challenge that will make Pokemon pretty challenging to play! Try beating it with only your starter in battle, and HM mons must be fainted. And if you want it to be REALLY challenging, make it to where you can't...
  5. Jerry the great

    What is your favorite Mythical Pokemon?

    Mine is easily Darkrai. Now, what is you're favorite mythical Pokemon? Saying just what it is or telling the story is both fine.