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  1. Milhau5

    VGC The Hau5 Special (regional top 32 team report + ramblings)

    Hi there. My name is Milhau5. I play Pokemon a lot, but I don't really post a lot. Now, there's only 3 reasons anyone posts an RMT: to get help, to show off a team, or to talk about themselves, because deep down we love talking about ourselves and how special our Pokemon our. I'm posting for the...
  2. Milhau5

    Other Metagames Deoxyclean: 1v1 Top 100 (#69 peak, 1566)

    My name is Milhau5. I think this might be the first public RMT I've ever posted that isn't VGC related. In fact, I started playing 1v1 as a break from VGC and ended up getting really engrossed in it. But it's getting boring so I'm not sure how much I want to play in the future. So first, the...
  3. Milhau5

    VGC Hau5 of Mau5: First shot at VGC '17

    So I've been doing decently with this team so far, but I'm getting out of low elo territory so I want to see what adjustments I can make for this team to be more solid against better opponents (and of course develop a successful long-term team). I didn't do a lot of research into the Sun/Moon...
  4. Milhau5

    The Pokemon Stadium thread

    Because I didn't already see one Technically the second stadium game, Pokemon Stadium is one of the most remembered titles on the N64. Packaged with the Transfer Pak, this game allowed one to see their Gameboy Pokemon on the TV like never before! For those that wanted a break from battling...