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  1. Modern Warfare 2 - Multiplayer Discussion

    I was having the same problem today, the closest ive gotten was a 23 kill streak which i got with a tactical knife, with lightweight, ninja pro, commando pro and holding a care package (speed glitch). It was suprisingly amazing.
  2. The NU Throwdown Round 1

    confirming blak's post. 0-4
  3. The NU Throwdown Round 1

    Damn, I had to get Blak, anyway, ill try to contact him soon :P
  4. The NU Throwdown (sign-up Thread)

    in, i guess.
  5. Riding the Metronome! Round 1!

    Im sorry I havent been active much, but I have not recieved a PM from you since October 13, and that was when I PMed you first. Ill try to get in contact with you soon, I havent seen you online at all recently...
  6. Cybertron's Trade Thread

    goodluck cybertron
  7. RNG Manipulation in FireRed/LeafGreen: Wild Pokémon Supported in RNG Reporter 9.93

    Well, right now, its still nearly impossible to abuse without save states, and if you get a good spread, it will be hard to get a seed close enough to the spread. I would probably wait till more research is done but its all up to you, really...just throwing in my two cents.
  8. RNG Manipulation in FireRed/LeafGreen: Wild Pokémon Supported in RNG Reporter 9.93

    Later today I plan on trying to hit the same seed twice, the only problem is it is hard to know if you actually hit it, because unlike DPPtHGSS the frame continues to advance, so you dont hit the same frame everytime. Should I just focus on the spreads being within a certain number of frames...
  9. RNG Manipulation in FireRed/LeafGreen: Wild Pokémon Supported in RNG Reporter 9.93

    Im not sure what you mean by "progression of the series" if you mean frame advancement, it is still 60fps, and I really dont know how any coding works, to be honest.
  10. RNG Manipulation in FireRed/LeafGreen: Wild Pokémon Supported in RNG Reporter 9.93

    Are you using a cart or VBA? If you are using a cart, I would reccomend trying to record the time from when you capture your pokemon until you turn your game off, this way you can find out your current frame (Use Wichu's app to find your actual frame [Emerald Frame] and RNGreporter to find the...
  11. RNG Manipulation in FireRed/LeafGreen: Wild Pokémon Supported in RNG Reporter 9.93

    Alright, well I have done a good amount of research on it, I have noticed that the method changes when you catch a pokemon. I save stated and sweet scented and got method 1 and everytime after that I would get either 1 or 4. Ive done it multiple times, I have only successfully abused wilds twice...
  12. Why is pokemon so addicting?

    I feel like the reason I dont think I have ever been able to leave pokemon is the fact that, I just completely grew up with it. Pokemon Blue was the first game I ever had, and I was just obsessed with Pokemon as a little kid. Getting rid of pokemon seems like getting rid of a chunk of myself :(
  13. Water on the moon

    I really dont think, that in any of our current lifetimes, anyone will be living on the moon. Basically agreeing with this, because like Pink said, it would evaporate very quickly, and even if the water vapor did freeze, it would be much too hard to see.
  14. Smogon WSC Week 7

    :( My bad, I only missed it by a couple hours, too :(
  15. Smogon WSC Week 7

    Well, I just joined last minute, after lurking around. I havent really ever done fusions before, and I'm not really sure if im breaking any rules with this one, but here it is. Sorry, its not transparified, I dont know how to do it. this is a mix of Raikou, Arcanine, Absol, Zangoose...
  16. Past Gen RNG Research

    Im already starting the Egg PID research, I just need to get in touch with LightningFusion, it really probably doesnt need more than 1 person to do =/ Be my guest if you want to though, im noone to tell you not to :P
  17. Past Gen RNG Research

    I decided I need to get further in the game to do this. im only at goldenrod and lack the ability to check IVs at a high level. When i get to somewhere further or get some rare candies or something I will continue research. I would prefer to do it, but if someone else would like to, go ahead D:
  18. Past Gen RNG Research

    Alright, sweet, thanks. Ill get started right now.
  19. Past Gen RNG Research

    Okay, mingot, I'm about to start the egg PID research. Basically I need to get the time on my DS synched with my computer. catch a pokemon, check seed, and then i should put the parents into the daycare and check to see if I get the correct nature, then I can try to get the next PID....I have...