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  1. regirock

    Other [hackmons] Cult Classic (Peaked 24-0, 1580)

    If you don't know what Hackmons is, it is a God-Tier. Any pokemon can have any ability and any move, and maximum EVs. There can also be multiple megas (without the mega stones), there is no ability clause, sleep clause, item clause, or species clause. A First Look~ This team started out as...
  2. regirock

    Ability Match

    Approved by Arcticblast and Hollywood Ability Match In this metagame, every pokemon gets a pool of 10 abilities that can be used. These pokemon can only pick abilities out of these 10. A dual type pokemon can use an ability from either of its types. Megas keep their normal abilities. This...
  3. regirock

    [RarelyUsed] A stall team~

    Hello there ^^. This is my first RMT for an RU stall team I've been using. I've been doing fairly well with this team, not exactly a record though :P Uxie Uxie @ Leftovers Ability: Levitate EVs: HP 126 / 126 Def / 8 SAtk / 252 SDef Calm Nature IVs: null Atk - Calm Mind - Psychic - Thunder...