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  1. StreetPKMN Tournament: Sign-ups

  2. A Whole NU World - Round 1!

    Wow this looks fun. I heard about this from timssu and I am sorry I didn't join. You have to win now timssu.
  3. MissingNo. sprite

    why does your entei have a haban berry?
  4. Strikeout Tournament - Little Cup Edition! (Round 1)

    I'm going to have to drop out. Sorry guys.
  5. CAP Battle

    or... 1) Go to 2) Click 'Webchat' on the left side 3) Change your nickname 4) enter '#capbattle' under channel 5) click 'Login'
  6. CAP Battle

    I'm sorry we couldn't fight Cartoons!. From what we did do I think it was going to be fun.
  7. CAP Battle

    I beat Sweatin' with Arghonaut. Pyroak and Strata are a bitch.
  8. CAP Battle

    Jack Slug can hit Strata out of the air sometimes :(
  9. CAP Battle

    Arghonaut is so fun though :(.
  10. CAP Battle

    Whoever I was just playing with Arghonaut (s/he was Strategem). I was having fun, but our connection kept failing. In the middle of our first match my window just closed and the second one never started. Maybe we can get it again some other time.
  11. CAP 9 Colossoil Playtesting

    Stall Ludicolo actually does quite well against Collosoil who have Life Orb and 4 attacks. Leech Seed/Toxic and Surf wear him down pretty fast and protect gets you some healing while he gets hurt.
  12. CAP Battle

    Out of curiosity, what do people think the tier list is looking like now? I think Fidgit and Strategem are both up there but I might be wrong.
  13. Blast to the Past - Round 2

    I have to remake my team. I'll like PM alamaster though. Underdog ftw.
  14. Smeargle's Studio General Thread: Spriting and Banners go here!

    My first spriting ever. Tenctacruel is my favorite pokemon. I like sprite art a lot so I figured I would try to get into it. Recoloring is the way to start I thought so here it is. If you guys can give me any suggestions or anything like that please do. It isn't much but cut me some slack...
  15. Blast to the Past - Round 1

    confirming my win 3-0. Hax turned the tide of the match. I have no idea who would have won if 1 thing didn't happen to him. gg though.
  16. Blast to the Past - Round 1

    Sent in my team and PM'd my opponent. I'm ready whenever.
  17. Blast to the Past - Round 1

    I've got to make my team. I'll be ready soon though.
  18. Blast to the Past - Signups