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  1. BreloomMyHomie

    ORAS PU My Ex Wife Still Misses Me, But Her Aim Is Getting Better!

    IᑎTᖇOᗪᑌᑕTIOᑎ Hey, I don't think I have formally introduced myself. My name is Brandon Hui, but most of you guys can call me/already know me as BreloomMyHomie or TechSupportBreloom. I've been playing competitive Pokemon ever since XY but joined PS! and Smogon in ORAS. I mainly play OU, Ubers...
  2. BreloomMyHomie

    Heracross [QC 0/3]

    [OVERVIEW] +Definitely a lot of admirable traits, such as high base attack and great movepool. +Notable and used in CAP for it's Mega Evolution, with a gigantic attack stat with decent defenses. -Quad Weakness to Flying-Type attacks and other offensive types such as Fairy and Fire. -Mediocre...
  3. BreloomMyHomie


    Diancie QC: 3/3 [sparktrain, cbrevan, sparktrain] GP: 3/3 [The Dutch Plumberjack, Snobalt] [OVERVIEW] Diancie has one of the best offensive typings in the CAP metagame and is commonly seen taking advantage of its high offensive stats, gaining a boost of 60 to both its base Attack and Special...