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  1. FMD

    Necturna Rare Candy

    Relevant post. What should be done about Rare Candy Necturna? A) Rare Candy boosts her SpDef by 1. (no change) B) Rare Candy boosts her Atk by 1. C) Rare Candy boosts both her Atk and SpDef by 1. (remove the special clause from Rare Candy's description) If A or B wins, should this precedent...
  2. FMD

    TT2 Bonus UC

    Much overdue, but people are finally getting their bonus UC for the last rounds of TT2. Lucy Heartfillia : 15 UC Ooraloo : 15 UC Toon : 45 UC Exclaimer : 10 UC FMD : 30 UC
  3. FMD

    [Gen VII Tournament Round 1: Group Tapu Fini] Exclaimer vs Deadfox

    "She's a rising star, seeking to break her way into the elite ranks of the gym leaders! He's an old hat, stepping down after having run Dragon gym! Both are respectable battlers, but only one of them is allowed to leave this in one piece!" *muffled message through an ear piece* "Ahem, it seems...
  4. FMD

    [Gen VII Tournament Round 1: Group Nihilego] Texas Cloverleaf vs Elevator Music

    "From what is easily argued as the most-elite group in the first round of the tournament, we find two skilled battlers preparing to face off. First is Texas Cloverleaf, who is neither from Texas nor a clover, and secondly, we have Elevator Music, who I personally say sounds more like the...
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    [Gen VII Tournament Round 1: Group Guzzlord] Glacier Knight vs Snarguffle

    "ASB's own prodigal daughter against the newcomer known only as Snarguffle! One has been on ice for a while, but the other has barely had a chance to properly warm up. Whether Snarguffle wins or loses, he'll still end up losing. I mean, his options are the be beat up by an old lady, or to beat...
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    [Gen VII Tournament Round 1: Group Pheromosa] Lucy vs Adiass

    "Of course Lucy would end up in Group Pheromosa..." "Anyway, the battle! Both competitors not only joined at the same time, but they have a history of facing each other in tournaments. The first time they went head-to-head was certainly an interesting match, to say the least. Adiass was able to...
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    [Gen VII Tournament Round 1: Group Solgaleo] Toon vs Someoneelse

    "Toon was set to fight Alakazam in this fight, but due to a scheduling change, he will instead be confronting somebody else, tonight." *muffled message through an ear piece* "...That's what I said, he's fighting someone else." *muffled message through an ear piece* "Ahem, sorry for the...
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    Rock Smash + Rock Smash

    Current wording: A) Reword them to not stack boosts. B) Reword Rock Smash only to cost 5 more base EN cost. C) Reword Rock Smash to only stack the 1.5x multiplier. D) Reword Rock Smash to only stack the 2x multiplier. E) Do nothing. Maxim ZhengTann Matezoide Texas Cloverleaf
  9. FMD

    Texas vs Jayy

    Texas: Snubbull (M) Nature: Adamant (+Atk, -SpA) Type: Fairy Abilities: Intimidate / Run Away / Rattled (H) Stats: HP: 90 Atk: Rank 4 (+) Def: Rank 2 SpA: Rank 1 (-) SpD: Rank 2 Spe: 30 Size Class: 1 Weight Class: 1 Base Rank Total: 13 EC: 0/6 MC: 0 AC: 5/5 Attacks: Ice Fang* Fire Fang*...
  10. FMD

    Flash Fire and Solar Power Boosts

    ZhengTann Texas Cloverleaf Maxim Matezoide A) +2 BAP B) +3 BAP
  11. FMD

    Action Locking

    The current ruling is that your opponent cannot order for 30 minutes after you post, but your actions are automatically locked after that time period. People seem upset about this, so let's see if we can find a better way to do this. This is a discussion about what the free-edit period should...
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    Rock Smash + Rock Smash

    Several people have expressed displeasure with how this combo works, both mechanically and flavourfully, and I feel like this needs to be fixed. If you feel you have an idea of how to fix it, speak up. If you think the combo is fine the way it is, say why. Obvious choices off the top of my head...
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    Tournament Guidelines & Submissions

    Hello folks and welcome to the Tournament subforum! This thread is about the bare essentials of Tournament Rules. See the sections below for more details. 1) Hosting a Tournament Any person, in theory, can host a Tournament. Post your idea in the tournament concept thread and, if approved, it...
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    [TT2 - Round 2] Deadfox (Daybreak) vs Maxim (Mean Midnight Machines)

    "My team was eliminated? You're trusting me with a position of authority? And refereeing a tournament match? And it's triples? And all of that pays UC!? You've got a deal! Can I do a 1920's sports announcer voice? No...? ...I'm going to do the voice and you can't stop me!" "Welcome to the...
  15. FMD

    Zeep vs Toon

    Zeep: Haduken [♂] Type: Fire Abilities: Blaze: (Passive) When this Pokemon's HP is lower than 33%, the base damage of any fire attack is increased by two (2). (eg Flamethrower goes from 9 to 11, Fire Blast from 11 to 13) Speed Boost: (Passive) (H, locked) Pokemon with this ability increase...
  16. FMD

    Lewdcy Gets Spooned

    Alakazam: Ludicolo [Maraca] (F) Nature: Rash Type: Water / Grass Abilities: Swift Swim (Passive) Rain Dish (Passive) Own Tempo (Passive) (H, unlocked) Stats: HP: 100 Atk: Rank 3 Def: Rank 3 SpA: Rank 4 (+) SpD: Rank 3 (-) Spe: 70 Size Class: 3 Weight Class: 4 Base Rank Total: 19 EC: 9/9 MC...
  17. FMD

    Lucy vs Jayy

    Lucy: Necturna [♀][Theresa Gray] Types: Grass/Ghost Grass - Immunity to Leech Seed, Worry Seed, and all "Powder" based attacks (Poisonpowder, Powder, Rage Powder, Sleep Powder, Spore, Stun Spore). Unable to have Petal Dance disrupted by oncoming damage. Ignores Arena restrictions on Grass...
  18. FMD

    Kelres vs Lucy

    Lopunny [F/♀] [Alfie] Types: Normal Normal STAB; +1 BAP on attacks that match dominant arena type after 3 actions. Unable to have Thrash or Outrage disrupted by oncoming damage. Abilities: Cute Charm / Klutz / ✓Limber (H) Nature: Adamant (+1 Atk, -1 SpA) Stats: HP: 100 Atk: Rank 4...
  19. FMD


    Phoenix: Darmanitan [Male] [Truth] Types: Fire Claim Date: 3/31/15 Evolved: 4/10/15 Maxed: 5/30/15 Abilities:: Sheer Force / Zen Mode (Unlocked) Nature: Brave (Atk +1, Spd / 1.15, Evasion -10%) Stats: HP: 110 Atk: 5(6) Def: 2 SpA: 2 SpD: 2 Spe: 82 (-) Size Class: 3 Weight Class: 4 Base Rank...
  20. FMD

    Galcier vs Asch

    Galcier: Infernape (*) Adrian(M) * Nature: Hasty (+18% Accuracy) * Type: Fire/fighting * Fire: Fire STAB; immune to burn, emit a low glow in dark places, takes additional damage if active open flames are exposed to a water attack. Superior senses in volcanic or brushfire areas. Fighting...