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  1. VGC '12 Northeast Regional - Philadelphia, PA - Won by JiveTime & KeepBayleefing!

    i dont know if i want to go because pokemon is boring and its far away and i have no car so if anyone is near northern virginia and cant deicde on going or not and have a car i will give you food and pokemon aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa :[
  2. [2013] Rotom-C (QC 1/2)

    With given EV spread, Rotom-C reaches 226 Speed with Scarf and Timid nature, and 258 Special Attack with Specs and Modest nature. mention why this is good. most of the koes you mention are slower, meaning modest / specs is better. -Leaf Storm + Grass Gem provide incredible power, OHKOing...
  3. VGC '12 United Kingdom National - Birmingham - March 3 - WON BY KobraTail

    go tyrants n____n gl hf guys i will support you all from amurrica
  4. Ask a simple question, get a simple answer - VGC edition

    sign ups open tomorrow, not sunday
  5. VGC Articles PLEASE READ

    this already gives a crash course in doubles, but really only helps the brand new players i started a trick room article, couldnt finish it on my own, but solace and danny disappeared. its in gen 5 articles still i think.
  6. Metagaming; Beneficial or detrimental?

    moof♥ eraddd:D today on skarmbliss i battled someone who had a cofagrigus. i ohkoed it with a strong shadow ball. 5 minutes later we battled again and he had a focus sash on his cofagrigus. the reason this super fast changing happens on simulators is the small amount of people, ideas, and...
  7. Where to get your VGC 2012 Pokemon from!

    Username: muffinhead Link to trade thread/list of your Pokemon available: free vgc mons Actively accepting requests (Y/N): n, ill do them all eventually Willing to train Pokemon too (Y/N): all are battle ready (items, evs, level, pp max, moves) Generations RNGed/bred: dppt and bw Move tutoring...
  8. VGC Community Create-a-Team - Check post #280 [RMT]

    (╯°□°)╯︵ ssıןqɯɹɐʞs
  9. VGC Community Create-a-Team - Check post #280 [RMT]

    I SWEAR IF SOMEONE POSTS HITMONTOP ZAPDOS I WILL KILL THEM WITH FIRE AND IT WILL BE QUITE PAINFUL rotom-w @ choice specs modest, levitate 252 hp / 252 spa / 4 spe -hydro pump -thunderbolt -hidden power ice -trick tyranitar @ chople berry adamant, sand stream 252 hp / 252 atk / 4 spe -rock...
  10. VGC 2011 Analysis/Article Index

    everything that has a [done] tag has been uploaded n__n
  11. VGC ◕‿◕

    Hi Smogon, muffinhead here. My favorite Pokemon are Combee and Scolipede. I love hanging out on IRC. I give Smogonites free RNGed Pokemon for VGC events and cheer them on. I have practiced VGC 2012 on both Pokemon Online and the Global Battle Union ever since the rules came out. This is the team...
  12. VGC '12 Mid-Atlantic Regional - Doswell, VA - November 13th

    to danny-cosmicnoobplorer-mclahlananaahanhnahn: i still love you. -signed com bee also yeah battling 202 people placed high... :D
  13. VGC '12 Mid-Atlantic Regional - Doswell, VA - November 13th

    i had fun :) COCY FAKED OUT A CROBAT OLOLOLOLOLOL grats talking lion, tts, etc. jibaku cocy danny wolfe and everyone else - it was awesome seeing you guys again, had a great time.
  14. VGC '12 Mid-Atlantic Regional - Doswell, VA - November 13th

    i'll be in a red ducks shirt, if you see my say hi. quack quack
  15. VGC '12 Mid-Atlantic Regional - Doswell, VA - November 13th

    ; _ ; danny andrea chad and bears can't go???? D= wahh ;-; this is BS, I hope a smogonite wins it to avenge you >:D! cant wait to see people :B
  16. Ask a simple question, get a simple answer - VGC edition

    yes, i used protect / facade / earthquake / crunch. still has trouble with metagross despite having eq, its really bulky.
  17. International Wi-Fi Tournament - Autumn Friendly [OVER - Rankings Released Nov. 1st]

    5-1 atm. played one guy twice, played another guy twice, lost to a great italian player, beat thewolf. jibaku is playing solace now. geez, nintendo teamkilling #moof what the heck is going on
  18. VGC '12 Mid-Atlantic Regional - Doswell, VA - November 13th

    i am going if i can beg jibs or danny or danny for a ride o.o aaaaa i want to go see everyone 8D cant wait
  19. VGC '12 Locations - Canadian Nationals Announced (Updated March 4th)

    i love google really hope that a regional will be close enough so that i can carpool with a friend from school :3 eeeee cant wait!