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  1. Im on whats your alt?

    Im on whats your alt?
  2. Tryna go today or friday 8pm est?

    Tryna go today or friday 8pm est?
  3. Suggestions for Pokémon Showdown

    Hello,i had a suggestion for battles. You guys know how when you hover over a mon it tells you the stats, item...etc. My suggestion is when a mon faints (while you wait for your opp to choose a new mon)you could be able to hover over their side and see your hazards and how much dmg they will do...
  4. Suggestions for Pokémon Showdown

    In teambuilder when you search pokemon you can also filter your search. My suggestion is add Gens to the filter. So that way players can search Gens and also see what new mons came from that gen
  5. Programming UPDATE Nov 20th: Updated with Sun&Moon sprites and Z-Moves!. Showdown App for Android (beta)

    This is an amazing idea. I love the app and can't wait for it to be finished!
  6. Monotype Ladder Tour 2

    LT3 Zuuz