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  1. nizzyd18

    ORAS OU Mega Altaria Balanced Team

    Well, this is my first rmt. I have created a plethora of teams, but I want to make this one the main one for OU. I want to ladder up in OU (since I'm tired of laddering up in randbats). Anyway, change any pokemon you want if necessary (except for obviously Mega Altaria), and please no talonflame...
  2. nizzyd18

    Denied Things I wish Mods Banned in Usernames Outline

    Introduction Horrible historical events (IE, names relating to the Holocaust, 9/11, Modern day terrorism, etc.) Names that could potentially be racist. Names that poke fun of the voices, drivers, mods, and admins Names that pertain to crimes Names that actually have swear words on them Conclusion