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  1. Archeops

    I have to agree with the previous two posters. Archaeos may have flaws (like all Pokémon), but the best way to avoid harping on them is not to play him as you see him, but to his strengths. He's not the badass super-uber sweeper you're looking for? Don't say he's not good for anything; just find...
  2. What Pokemon do you think is going to have the most effect in BW?

    Throw out the metagame with the bathwater, because these Dream World abilities screw up Gen IV so much that you can't effectively theorymon without a shitload more of information.
  3. World Cup: South Africa 2010 - Paul and Spain win!

  4. Ask a simple question, get a simple answer - mark 22 (READ THE OP)

    Alright, so Serebii says Starmie/Claydol/Slowking learn Magic Coat, Smogon/Bulbapedia say they don't. Who's right?
  5. Random Pokemon Tournament Round 3

    Eh, haven't got contacted either (sent a message a while back), but I'll probably do my team today and contact him again.
  6. Bragging Rights Tournament - Round One

    Shit, I was about to do the same thing. Anyways, team's almost done, and I just started my Spring Break, so I guess he can contact me - I'm rather flexible as of now.
  7. What do you keep in your pockets?

    1. Cell phone 2. Flash drive 3. Wallet/money
  8. np: UU - Can't Touch This

    It should be noted that with minor Sp.Def Investment, a full-health Dugtrio can come in and take down Raikou as it Subs.
  9. Monoteams

    @Zandgaia: There's always Delibird if you want. xD Otherwise, I agree with anubite and Tennisace entirely. Most other people are limiting themselves to mere theorymon.
  10. Bragging Rights Tournament Signups

    IN Need something like this for UU.
  11. Random Pokemon Tournament Round 3

    And here ends the tourney run para mí. Or can I pull off the upset? Will try to battle soon. EDIT: Again, so glad he can't use Stealth Rock.
  12. Random Pokemon Tournament Round 2

    Are you serious... people, get a move on! It shouldn't take us this long! Second the idea of sending out read receipt messages.
  13. Random Pokemon Tournament Round 2

    Yehom and I finally battled. Beat him 4-0, in a completely haxy game. Sorry for all the hax, gg Yehom.
  14. Smogon Tournament #6 Round 2

    Chaser and I finally battled, I lost 2-0. GG.
  15. Smogon Tournament #6 Round 2

    So I was trying to ask the_chaser this morning to battle; he didn't respond for over half an hour, and finally left without noticing me. EDIT: I can only assume he actually wasn't there, but logged on; or he left suddenly without noticing me.
  16. Random Pokemon Tournament Round 2

    Yehom: Dusknoir, Hariyama, Stantler, Salamence, Farfetch'd, Shaymin, Gorebyss AP: Butterfree, Jumpluff, Muk, Swellow, Deoxys, Hitmontop, Dewgong Thank god he can't use Stealth Rock.
  17. Ask a simple question, get a simple answer - mark 21 (READ THE OP)

    Can Magic Coat redirect Stealth Rock/Spikes/Toxic Spikes/Leech Seed/Curse(Ghost-type)?
  18. np: UU - Can't Touch This

    Anyways, those complaining about Cresselia may have a respite soon; both Jabba and Reach are in favor of early removal (there's a thread on PR about it). I haven't had a chance to play this meta yet, and probably won't, due to what I've been hearing.
  19. Smogon Tournament #6 Round 1

    I had previously arranged to meet Phantom at this time, but he seems to be a no-show.
  20. Filter big Pokemon list by Pokemon that have analyses

    Actually, it is solely for Pokémon not currently allowed in a tier. For example, Pokémon no longer OU wouldn't be dropped down immediately if a round of testing was in process; it would remain in limbo until then. Previously, while suspect tests were conducted in UU, the suspects were kept in...