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  1. SteelixPrismGX

    WIP Manectric-Mega

    OVERVIEW Generalize what the Pokemon does in the metagame and as a whole and why you should or shouldn't consider using it on your teams. See this thread for more tips. SET name: SET NAME move 1: move 2: move 3: move 4: item: ability: nature: evs: SET COMMENTS Set Details ======== Describe...
  2. SteelixPrismGX

    Quality Control Metagross-Mega [QC: 0/2]

    OVERVIEW Mega Metagross is one of the strongest physically offensive mega evolution choices due to its solid offensive presence which extends even further due to access to Tough Claws. Its speed tier of 110 is incredibly useful for outspeeding the majority of the metagame, while it's one of the...
  3. SteelixPrismGX

    SM OU Airborne Robots (Mega Beedrill VoltTurn Offense)

    ========================================================================================== (Click sprites for importable!) Airborne Robots Mega Beedrill, while unranked on the OverUsed VR, is not bad. If anything, it's quite good. Even though its poor defenses let it down, it patches that up...
  4. SteelixPrismGX

    SM OU Pantheon of Everything (Mega Heracross Bulky Offense)

    (Click sprites for importable!) Pantheon of Everything (Mega Heracross Bulky Offense) Mega Heracross has been really good ever since it was introduced in XY. Its absurd attack stat in tandem with respectable bulk makes it really good. However, when Sun and Moon came out, Mega Heracross wasn't...
  5. SteelixPrismGX

    SM OU Slow But Dangerous

    Slow But Dangerous This is my very first successful RMT I've posted in the recent weeks: A Choice Band Escavalier team! Well, looks like my creativity really got to me this time! (Not saying it's a bad thing). This Escavalier moveset can punch some holes in the metagame, since Choice Band...