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  1. DrPumpkinz

    Pending Command box

    It would be super useful to be able to be able to open a private "chat box" to enter commands like /learn, /data, and /dexsearch. I know you can just use a chat room or start a conversation with an alt, but a chat room can make you scroll around through other people's banter if you want to look...
  2. DrPumpkinz

    Pending Improved auto spread generator

    Lately I've been building a lot of sets for the upcoming OM called Abilimoves, and there are two quirks in the team builder's auto spread generator that make buildings sets with fewer than 4 attacks frustrating. The first is that if you don't get a recommended spread if you have only one or two...
  3. DrPumpkinz

    Approved Move and ability compatability checking during team building

    I recently came across this quote from Zarel about why moves, abilities, and items are banned so infrequently, and it got me thinking. What if it was easier to tell if a move, ability, or item was banned in a given tier? Like, if you decide your new team is a PU team with the built-in tier...
  4. DrPumpkinz

    Approved Return/Frustration Base Power Tooltip

    Could Return and Frustration show their base powers when mousing over your party members? It would really help Hackmons Cup players. If just doing it for those two moves doesn't make sense, then could it be done for all moves? It would also help newer Hackmons Cup players who aren't familiar...