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    SM OU grassium z kart+bulu

    Hey ThelordofbadRNG thanks for the shoutout. This team is pretty cool but I definitely think this needs some work for this to be a really great team. I absolutely hate this team's matchup versus Mega Alakazam and Rotom-W, since both are easily able to take advantage of this team's defensive core...
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    Copyediting Nihilego [QC 3/3] [GP 1/2]

    [OVERVIEW] Nihilego is a niche Toxic Spikes setter, one of the selling points of which is the ability to lure in and beat Toxapex, the best Toxic Spikes absorber. Good matchup against prominent Defog users like Tornadus-T and Tapu Fini also helps Nihilego keep Toxic Spikes up. Additionally...
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    Done Synthesis Kartana [OU]

    good work qc 1/1
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    Quality Control Zapdos (revamp) [QC 2/3]

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    OU 2 Attacks + Rest Manaphy

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    OU 2 Attacks + Rest Manaphy

    Sheddy’s way too niche, you already beat Lati Tang with Z and spdef hulu is some hot garbage rn so no
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    Ask the Mods

    Why is So Noisy so gay
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    Scheduled Substitute Mawile (OU) (QC 1/1) (GP 1/1)

    comments | remove Mawile-Mega @ Mawilite Ability: Intimidate EVs: 144 HP / 252 Atk / 112 Spe Adamant Nature - Substitute - Ice Punch - Thunder Punch - Focus Punch With balance teams becoming very common, Substitute Mawile has been seeing high usage in Official Ladder Tournament VI playoffs...
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    Scheduled Rest Manaphy [OU]

    would like to see some swampert mentions but other than that this looks fine. qc 1/1
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    Quality Control Clefable (Revamp) (QC 2/3)

    looks fine, qc 3/3
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    OU Thundurus-Therian (revamp)

    just add venu + zam mentions here and this should be good for me. QC 1/3
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    Copyediting Specially Defensive Kommo-o (Revamp) (GP 0/2)

    [SET] name: Specially Defensive move 1: Stealth Rock move 2: Toxic move 3: Protect move 4: Drain Punch item: Leftovers ability: Bulletproof nature: Careful evs: 252 HP / 64 SpD / 192 Spe [SET COMMENTS] Moves ======== Toxic alongside Protect is fantastic for racking up chip damage on the likes...
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    OU Thundurus-Therian (revamp)

    comments | remove filler [OVERVIEW] Thundurus-T is a powerful Electric-type wallbreaker that is able to power through typical Electric-type checks such as Tangrowth, Ferrothorn, Mega Venusaur, Chansey, and Assault Vest Tyranitar thanks to the combination of an absurd base 145 Special Attack...
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    Quality Control Specially Defensive Heatran Revamp [1/3]

    [SET] name: Specially Defensive move 1: Magma Storm move 2: Earth Power move 3: Toxic move 4: Taunt / Protect / Stealth Rock item: Leftovers ability: Flash Fire nature: Calm evs: 248 HP / 208 SpD / 52 Spe [SET COMMENTS] Moves ======== Magma Storm is preferred as it enables Heatran to trap...
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