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  1. Other Metagame of the Month Archive

    Linked, 350 Cup, Nature Swap, Hot Potato, Double Dance-rability
  2. I have time today, tell me when you’re in PS

    I have time today, tell me when you’re in PS
  3. I’m GMT +7. Are you available around weekend?

    I’m GMT +7. Are you available around weekend?
  4. Other Metagame of the Month Archive

    Linked, 350 cup, Nature Swap, Automagic, Doubles Dance-rability
  5. Tournament OM Snake Draft II - Player Signups

    Ahh, welcome back. Name: Chopin Alkaninoff, Chopin Alkan Metas: Camomons, Sketchmons (like last time :)) Timezone: GMT +7 Time missed: hmm, I’m in my studies but I’ll try to find time. I suck last time, don’t draft me. I’d prefer to be the one who test teams.
  6. Other Metagame of the Month Archive

    Double Dance-r, 350 cup, Nature Swap, Linked, Statattack
  7. Metagame Megamons

    I’d probably put Lunala in A, Tyranitar-Mega in A-, Deoxys-Speed in B+ and Mawile-Mega drop to B+. This meta is very offensive and while Mawile is very hard to switch into, it doesn’t do anything impressive and the boss of Uber (PDon) hard checks it.
  8. Yes

  9. Metagame Megamons

    I can see where you’re coming from, but I’ll have to disagree. Sure, seeing Pdon in every team is probably boring, but problem is, there are only a few megas created. If Ubers are banned, none of the OU mons can match the power level of the megas generally, especially when those megas can hold...
  10. Metagame Megamons

    Gyarados-Mega @ Normalium Z Ability: Mold Breaker EVs: 252 Atk / 4 SpA / 252 Spe Jolly Nature - Celebrate - Waterfall - Crunch - Earthquake This thing has been MVP for me in many of my battles. After a Z-Celebrate, it ate special hits like a champ. Lele’s Moonblast only doing ~55% with +1...
  11. Other Metagame of the Month Archive

    MEGAMONS, Camomons, Linked, Godly Gift, 350 Cup
  12. Metagame Pokébilities

    Don’t get why people hating on Porygon-Z when I think it’s kind of overrated just because it hits harder. It still has all the issues it have in OU. Idk what makes it a better wallbreaker than Tapu Lele, which is still very excellent even if it doesn’t benefit from the meta. It also got an...
  13. Metagame Hidden Type

    So teambuilding in Hidden Type feels really tedious now that you have to manually input IV spread for each mons to have the type you want. Idk if this has been addressed or not, but if it hasn’t, can we have a QoL change so that we don’t have to google and manually input each IV spread?
  14. Other Metagame of the Month Archive

    Hot Potato, Linked, Godly Gift, Nature Swap, Camomons
  15. Metagame Megamons

    YEAH THIS EXIST!!!!!!!! RIP gen 6 Mega Lati@s. You won’t be missed. Anyway. With the inclusion of Z-moves and no more x1.5 SpDef Soul Dew Mega Latias, we’d have a much harder time stalling in this meta. So MMX is now allowed in this meta without Mega stone. Here’s what I think off. Burst...
  16. Metagame Sketchmons

    Or, just hit hard the user. Your chansey try to transform in front of Tapu Koko? Survive a Bolt Strike first. If it did at least 70%, you’re making it unable to do it’s job as a sweeper check.
  17. Metagame Sketchmons

    This is also a topic that people haven’t brought up, but I think V-create needs to be looked at. It’s basically a free Z-move with not enough drawback and it’s more powerful than many STAB moves. Yeah, it’s not banned in STABmons because only Fire type has access to it, but when all mons have...
  18. OM Interviews (#14: regirock)

    Because I don’t believe that you don’t listen to music, what kind of music you listen to? Between stats based, type based, move based and ability based, which metagame concept seems the best? And why? If you have the power to add one perma ladder, what meta would you add and why? How do you...
  19. Other Metagame of the Month Archive

    350 Cup, Godly Gift, Hot Potato, Camomons, Nature Swap
  20. Metagame LGPE OverUsed

    Snorlax B+ to A- Seriously man, this mon is much better than I thought, and I think it’s almost superior to Alola-Muk. With status being used widely, Facade is a NIGHTMARE to switch into. It also has similar SpA with Alola-Muk and it has Fire Blast to Melmetal (deals a LOT of damage) and Surf...