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  1. CAP 26 - Part 10 - Name Submissions

    WIP1 Goloombra Combination of Golem, Doom, Looming and Libra IPA: <goʊˈlʊmbrɑː> Golem for the Clay Monster look, Libra for the scales of justice + connection to astrological readings, looming doom for the threat of impeding doom hanging over its enemies WIP2 Doomsdale Combination of...
  2. CAP 26 - Prevo Poll

    One None Two
  3. CAP 26 - Art Poll 4

    StephXPM Had to change my decision. Pipotchi still has a great design
  4. CAP 26 - Art Poll 3

    StephXPM Pipotchi Yilx
  5. CAP 26 - Art Poll 2

    thebangzats Birkal Magistrum StephXPM Sunfished Pipotchi Cresselia92 Quanyails Yilx
  6. CAP 26 - Art Poll 1

    thebangzats Birkal Magistrum StephXPM Pipotchi judgesludge Sunfished
  7. CAP 26 - Art Submissions

    Final Submission We have a mole! This is my little bulletproof spying satellite mole. Its design is based on the star nosed mole and a satellite. It uses its incredibly precise and sensitive Sensors in its nose to surveil everything you do, while levitating in outer space. Should it find a...