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  1. DaemonWhite

    My First Team

    Well this is my first actual team, since I just recently started competitively battling. This team is some Poké's have worked well together for me. I would just like some others opinions on how I can improve it. Now without further ado let's get to the team: Kotzen the Scolipede: Scolipede...
  2. DaemonWhite

    The White Lotus Trade Center: Apricorn Ball Services!!

    STATUS: AWAY FROM CONSOLE These are my rules: 1. No Hacked Pokemon - I will not trade you hacked Mons, and I do not wish to partake in these Shady dealings. 2. I do not wish to trade for Cloned Legendaries, but if it's for a Shiny I really want I'll accept a Clone for clone. 3. I will also...