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  1. GradeAGarchomp

    the feeling is mutual

    the feeling is mutual
  2. GradeAGarchomp

    VGC Semi-room Turtles and frens

    hi there, i like the concept of trick room with powerful attackers. but you're weak to things like tapu lele so the point of this rate is to fix that flaw. I recommend replacing either torkoal or carracosta with celesteela. this provides a great tapu lele check as well as a decent tapu bulu...
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    Project VGC 2016 Community Create-a-Team [Round 5 Voting]

    Hitmontop Raichu Weavile Liepard
  4. GradeAGarchomp

    Resource VGC 16: Ask a Simple Question, Get a Simple Answer

    max hp / 204 atk / 52 spdef sassy is usually your best bet, although versions with 60 and 68 spdef exists (the former is leftover after you invest to ohko xern and the latter is if you need to take hits from both xern and kyogre without risk of being 2hkoed) at the moment though, ferro is...
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    VGC And so I venture into VGC - rayogre core

    his team is just so well built most logical changes for rayogre end up gravitating to that. if you want to keep ferro though, try a spread of 252 hp / 188 atk / 68 spdef sassy, as this always lives any combination of xern's and kyogre's attacks. everything else i've wanted to say has been...
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    PSPL IV Playoffs: Finals [Won by Competitive Tutoring]

    i think just thetarzan should suffice
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    VGC RMT VGC 2016

    hello there Milad, this looks like a standard dual primal team, with the basic components of groudon check / kyogre check / speed control / yveltal check. i like the look of this team, although it does come with a couple of flaws. the only component this team is lacking is another way to...
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    What kind of cellphone do you use?

    iphone 6s since love grandparents
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    Little things that make you happy

    thunderstorms notes c6 or above successfully stepping on every other tile in my kitchen a really good stretch cracking all my fingers
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    [20:54:31] @floristthebudew♡: scald is better since it means you actually landorus :^)

    [20:54:31] @floristthebudew♡: scald is better since it means you actually landorus :^)
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    Ksh13 is the new VGC Leader

    congrats :]
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    VGC Sky High and Continent

    this is a very solid team, in fact the 1 thing i would change is the spread on kang. 4 hp / 188 atk / 76 def / 4 spdef / 236 spe is a bulkier spread that is "better" suited for tr as it doesn't have max speed. the evs outspeed smeargle pre-mega and let kang live one low kick from opposing kang...
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    Resource VGC 16: Ask a Simple Question, Get a Simple Answer

    the choice between the two really dims down to whether a second xern answer is necessary. cress does get access to moves like thunder wave and icy wind, while bronzong is left with the same 5 moves (gravity / trick room / gyro / protect / skill swap). some big 6 variants can afford to drop the...
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    Resource VGC 16: Ask a Simple Question, Get a Simple Answer

    kyogre (fairly obvious), i've been using vaporeon recently simply because of helping hand + water absorb but it's probably not viable so that's that. swampert is cool too but that' about all i have
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    grats on the fist

    grats on the fist
  16. GradeAGarchomp

    VGC Hyper Offensive VGC RMT

    (first rate as an official rater tee-hee) hi there Maxwell002, i really like this team, it deviates from the commonly seen semiroom on this archetype, and this adds more variety overall to the build. as such, there aren't many flaws with this team, kudos to you on that end. with that said...
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    VGC Xerneas Lugia core

    hi. as you probably already know, this team is quite ill-fitted to succeed with pokemon such as lucario, lugia and chandelure as well as the overall gimmicky nature of this team. therefore, i'll redirect you to the viability rankings. while a bit outdated, they still get the point across onto...
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    VGC Zoroark/Nasty Plot VGC Team

    hi. unfortunately this team is quite unviable in the current VGC metagame, lacking restricted pokemon and proper checks to big metagame threats. as such, rating this team would just be me changing everything to something more viable. taking a look at the VGC '16 Viability Rankings to get a...
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    Resource VGC 16: Ask a Simple Question, Get a Simple Answer

    yeah since that's the first turn the pokemon is in play. here's the definition from pokemon showdown: Has a 100% chance to flinch the target. Fails unless it is the user's first turn on the field.
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    grats on ladybug c:

    grats on ladybug c: