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  1. Zarel

    Bug Reports v3 [READ ORIGINAL POST before posting]

    It looks like this was uploaded from a third-party server (fortis), which ran some custom code with a bug in it. We've never used any "restoreboost" command, it was always named "clearnegativeboost". I've made it so you can continue past that point, but that point will always be an error message.
  2. Zarel

    Bug Reports v3 [READ ORIGINAL POST before posting]

    The visual bug is fixed now
  3. Zarel

    Bug Reports v3 [READ ORIGINAL POST before posting]

    Fixed Fixed Fixed
  4. Zarel

    Bug Reports v3 [READ ORIGINAL POST before posting]

    You should use Discord more... it's been like a year and you haven't accepted my friend request. We have an entire server for this kind of mechanics question.
  5. Zarel

    Bug Reports v3 [READ ORIGINAL POST before posting]

    All recent posted validator bugs should be fixed as of now.
  6. Zarel

    Online Competition Ultra Final (Last PGL competition - get another Shiny Koko)

    So yeah, it turns out this is actually level 100, not level 50. (The Japanese websites consistently say level 100, and the last time this happened, the Japanese sites were right and the English sites were a translation mistake.) Thanks, TPCi. :|
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  8. Zarel

    Pending Collapse team folders by default

    Something something faster horse, when I posted my fix idea (show "no folder" folder on top, if the topmost team was "no folder"), everyone seemed fine with that one, too. Since that's the solution I'm using in the new client, I think that's worth trying first.
  9. Zarel

    Where to find more information on running the battle simulator from within a non-node.js language?

    I think it's a bad idea to launch them both and then connect them by the commandline. It's much easier to have the C# program launch PS as a subprocess. Here's an article I found on Google for how to do that...
  10. Zarel

    Pending QOL Improvements In The "Minimum Elo" Searcher

    I'd want to run a poll to see if people would really prefer typing in thresholds to the hardcoded ones.
  11. Zarel

    Pending QOL Improvements In The "Minimum Elo" Searcher

    It's not hard to select "1500" and just look at the 1600+ battles in the list. On most input devices, that should be easier than typing numbers in.
  12. Zarel

    Approved Displaying uninvested Speed in battle tooltips

    PSdex does use four stats: IVs/EVs/Nature being 0/0/-, 31/0/n, 31/252/n, 31/252/+ respectively. I think it wouldn't be too ugly/confusing to display it in-battle like this: Spe: 166-216-279-306
  13. Zarel

    Pending Collapse team folders by default

    It might be worth having a poll about it.
  14. Zarel

    Hidden Avatars on Pokémon Showdown! [New Trainers!!]

    To be entirely honest, the menu is really hard to update because of the way the code works. I'll probably add them to the menu when I rewrite it in a future update (months away). Until then, I'm not too concerned, because I think some users find it fun to have hidden avatars.
  15. Zarel

    Approved Rating Progression Graph

    I've been meaning to save a per-season peak for a while now, but I've never really gotten around to it, tbh.
  16. Zarel

    Done Let users see who made a poll or hangman

    In hindsight, it makes a lot of sense, that the flood of spam would be at the time the poll was created. At other times, people might ask, but it wouldn't be a flood.
  17. Zarel

    Approved Full information replays for Random Battles

    It should be close to trivial. I think it was already implemented in the past; and if it's not currently being done, that's a regression that should be pretty easy to pinpoint. Here's where it's implemented...
  18. Zarel

    Force-allowing spectating games in OLT

    My personal opinion is that it's a tournament, and the entire point of tournaments is for people to be able to watch them. /ionext makes sense when you're practicing for a tournament, but if you're actually playing in it, people watching is the whole point.
  19. Zarel

    Force-allowing spectating games in OLT So we got a controversial suggestion to force all OLT games to allow spectators (in other words, disabling ionext). It looks like all the tournament directors approved it and pre plans to do it in a few hours. Here's the...
  20. Zarel

    In Progress Introduce a Blitz Randbats Format

    fart That's already possible, the rule is called "Blitz".