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    Mario Mafia OC - Town wins!

    i think i should win MVP for reminding shmegg about the deadline

    New to Smogon

    Good luck man I’ve been trying since 2011 and I just can’t figure it out

    The rise of china

    You’re fluent in Chinese??? That’s really cool, do you reckon learning mandarin is enough or should I try to pick up some other dialects like Cantonese?

    The rise of china

    I'm going to cut to the chase of what you're trying to say in this thread and ignore the off-topic stuff - I disagree with your opinion that this US is responsible for the situation in Hong Kong because I haven't seen any evidence detailing so. You seem very sure of yourself so could you please...

    Opinions on Star Wars 9?

    fax bro you bring up a lot of great points here. the video game thing is so baffling to me because it's not as if a star wars video game is uncharted territory...a good portion of my childhood were these star wars games, battlefront 1 and 2, the empire at war series...not to mention KOTOR which...

    Opinions on Star Wars 9?

    i said this in some other star wars thread i think when 7 first came out, but it would've been sick if they did a role reversal in 8 where rey goes bad and kylo becomes good. it would be 1000000x better then whatever "new out of nowhere very powerful bad faction" vs "small group of rebels that...

    Videogame thread

    Do you get paid to advertise that site? Is it a per click basis or do people have to actually purchase through the link?

    NOC tbd NOC Mafia

    just a quick filler game while someone gets on hosting an actual game. open to suggestions to format. my idea was mountainous or Carbon 14 for 7 players, matrix6 for 9. we'll get imaginative beyond that. drop a line with a format you might like. i could also make a format but idk if that's a...

    Memory Manipulation and Ethics

    The underlying question surrounding the OP seems to be more about a philosophical discussion of what constitutes the self which I'm not too sure there is a precise answer for (maybe the philosophical literature has a definite answer but i doubt it ?). I think it depends on the person and what...

    Smogon Simple Questions & Suggestions Thread

    yea mine's a little messed up too but not as bad as yours LOL

    NOC [NOC/MultiFaction FFA] Pay to Slay Mafia AKA the game that should have been OC but it's NOC. And the winners are... SaM2 and JALbees!

    dudes is there any point in trying to pub negotiate. if i say protect my alias obviously someone can just be like kek f u and kill me welp.

    NOC [NOC/MultiFaction FFA] Pay to Slay Mafia AKA the game that should have been OC but it's NOC. And the winners are... SaM2 and JALbees!

    Here's the teams: vooper - Hannahh Dusk - acid zorbees - Former samoyed - tropiousisbae bluedoom - M2H Me - Math thank me later

    Serious 2020 Democratic Candidates Discussion

    re: homelessness, i'm guessing proponents would probably put it as a public safety issue. I doubt anyone has a problem with a homeless person and I would hope most would probably be sympathetic towards a homeless individual/homelessness in general but I think the experience many people have with...

    Propose-a-Game / Request-a-Host Thread

    Hi I'd like to host a Survivor in 2019 (haha look at me making promises i might not keep again!). I wanted to do it alone but I figure it might be helpful having a co-host. In particular, I'm looking for someone who can help me put together challenges. Most of the game design I have a strong...

    NOC New World NOC - GAME OVER

    Idk I was fairly upset when we lost because I felt like Former and Heal sold our team super hard by playing not great but thinking back I guess that's not exactly true. Like my thinking was that why do we need multiple players to be great just to bring up the guys who are sinking our team - why...