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  1. Wi-Fi Blacklist: as of December 18th, 2017

    That’s all I ask thanks
  2. Wi-Fi Blacklist: as of December 18th, 2017

    Hello ive been banned since HGSS/Black and I stopped playing after. Is there a possiblity that I can get unbanned in USUM as that was like 6 years ago. Also that was my first time breaking your clause rules and I was immediatly banned. I just picked back up on pokemon as far as the video games...
  3. Ask here for D/P Standard

    mixed teir battle? All standered clauses
  4. Regice givaway!

    That sucks
  5. WIN2011 Flawless RNG Trio Giveaway (EVENT OVER, MODS PLEASE CLOSE)

    Were the winners decided and notified?
  6. TheAwesome128's Giveaway!

    BLACK fc:3095 8852 9856@ paul #20 This is for round 2 as I was not notified the winners of round one if eney have been choosen
  7. Who doesn't love Latias? (GIVEAWAY OVER CONTACT DISTRIBUTORS)

    Latias:nickname/Oribella "Beautiful golden child" it latin. Q:Why was this name choosen A: Latias has a childlike look to it and this being a shiny latias and to me a beautiful one I felt this name would suit it very well. Moveset: charge beam wish swift safe gaurd Q:Why was this moveset...
  8. Dragons!!!! But What Are Their Names?!?!? (Ended. Lock Please.)

    I would name rayqauza Lorcan which means fierce, cruel dragon
  9. WIN2011 Flawless RNG Trio Giveaway (EVENT OVER, MODS PLEASE CLOSE)

    great! 3095 8852 9856 pkmn black
  10. TheAwesome128's Giveaway!

    I like this 95 please
  11. UU Threat List

    Also paired with super fang and toxic you can throw alot more ev's twards its def's and it will really be able to take hits
  12. Glalie Discussion

    that is corret I havent been playing in BW UU that long and I said that in the 1st comment I posted and I guess ive been getting the wrong feedback because ive heard nothing but horrible things about hail including it being the worst weather condition in the game
  13. Glalie Discussion

    Haha you're rooting for abomasnow aww thats cute but no he will not be suspect and most people agree that abomasnow is a horrible pokemon and if you havent got the news hail has been rated the worst weather condition in the game thanks to smogon. So I seriously doubt that he will be suspect and...
  14. Glalie Discussion

    Im talking from a strict NU battling scene not UU but I agree and moody will eventually be released for play
  15. Glalie Discussion

    Its a good pokemon in NU tier but im speaking from a 4th gen. aspect. As far as 5th gen I dont own a b/w but if abomasnow goes NU then it will fair well because some pokes with d/W abilities might be too advanced battling glalie. I prefer choice band Glalie personaly because it has more coverage...
  16. Out with the old (done)

    I am not able to distribute or clone but would like one if you have found another pertisapent then I would like my share as well
  17. A Nice Balanced Team(Hopefully!)

    be carful for spikes an rocks with this team especailly if blastoies is dead then scyther is basicaly useless. Mismagius and rakiou posea big so threat to this team being they can hide behind a sub and set up.And ide go with bug bite because of technition but thats just my prefrance though.Other...
  18. Salamander's Yard

    You have a good team just get ride of quick attack on scizor the intimadation drop from gyra and mence wont gaurentee you a KO even with technition and BP + stab will do more to it with the drop alone, just do the damage calcs and see for yourself.Also you dont wanna be locked into a move so...
  19. Team Draco Superat

    I would go with some other item with jirachi because I dont know if its safe to be locked into SR when in battle that could cost you the game.You might wanna reconsider another moveset maybe if your thinking scarf it seems its to much of a risk.Just a suggestion though.
  20. Ob-La-Di

    10 out of 10 hands down couldnt see eneything wrong with this team.I love that latias its so diffrent I might have to take that from you *sorry* but you will have credit where credit is due.