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  1. Seraphus

    Pending Remove Z-Moves from general /ms

    As title says. If I do /ms bp > 140 or ms bp > 99, I really do not need the Z-moves to always show up. For one, it's pretty redundant because if I wanted to use a z-move, I'd search for Z-moves (btw /ms zmove would perfectly fill this issue) or already know about the Pokemon. As it stands...
  2. Seraphus

    Pending Teambuilder improvements

    Teambuilder is nice as it is right now, but there's a couple small quality of life improvements that would help a lot. Some might not be feasible, if so too bad, some might be doable though. - Add exclusions. Just like /ds. It solves a lot of simple issues, but mainly it means you can cut ubers...
  3. Seraphus

    Approved Improve how !ds all displays

    You can't broadcast a /ds command when you include all. Most people know this. I suggest 2 changes to how this works, depending on how feasible it is: 1. Make all not be accounted for if the result is under 10. Basically, if all is redundant, the broadcast should go through. If that's...
  4. Seraphus

    Done Let users see who made a poll or hangman

    Basically title. It's always annoying to see a flood of spam hls from a reg asking who made a poll or who to turn to with a question about one, and there's really no big reason for regs to not be allowed to know which staff member started a poll, is there? And if there is, the implementation...
  5. Seraphus

    Approved Add types to the database (/dt)

    Pretty simple, but it'd be useful to have all relevant (non-type-match-up related) info in 1 simple databox. Examples of this: Fire: Can't be burnt. Z-Crystal: Firium Z, Plate: Flame, Memory: Fire, Z-Move: Inferno Overdrive, Drive: Burn Dark: Immune to prankster. Z-Crystal: Darkinium Z...