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  1. GradeAGarchomp

    VGC Storms Within the Eye

    hey guys, GradeAGarchomp here with my second solo rmt! for those who may not know me, i am a competitive tutoring and rate my team room voice over on PS! and i've decided to get more involved in the rmt section of the smogon forums. i love being here so far so i'm excited to deliver another...
  2. GradeAGarchomp

    VGC Swirling Tempests and Rainbow Birds

    Hey everyone, GradeAGarchomp here bringing you my first RMT on the forums! This team was originally going to be used at the January International Challenge, but I forgot to sign up and this team sat in the depths of my teambuilder. I've done a few tests with it in which it did quite well, so I'm...