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  1. VGC '12 Northern California Regional - Pleasanton, CA - Won by Nickscor & AlphaOmega!

    Sleep deprivation is half the fun! We still had really good showings at Long Beach. Anyways, I'll be there for both tcg and vgc.
  2. International Wi-Fi Tournament - Autumn Friendly [OVER - Rankings Released Nov. 1st]

    That was a really great battle man, thanks! And yea, that first turn flinch really screwed me, but it was still a ton of fun and I at least made it somewhat close. Playing someone from the forum definitely makes this thing more fun!
  3. International Wi-Fi Tournament - Autumn Friendly [OVER - Rankings Released Nov. 1st]

    Although this is incredibly fun, the DCers are totally ruining it for me. I've played 10 matches and 6 have been DCs. I decided when this was announced that I wouldn't take it seriously and just play to have fun. I'm using the same silly gimmick team I used at Worlds lcq, but I think it's...
  4. VGC '12 Southern California Regional - Long Beach, CA - WON BY TheCalmSnivy

    Yea son! We goin' to Roscoe's after winning this thing! Chuuuurch!!
  5. I guarantee this will make you want to play VGC - Cybertron's 2011 Worldstory

    Awesome warstory Aaron. You're definitely one of the most energetic kids I've ever met! I loved all the pictures and just re-living that whole weekend while reading this. Hopefully we'll get a chance to hang out again this season!
  6. California Love: A Worlds 2011 Warstory

    It was really awesome meeting you Luke. Great warstory! Hope to see you at future events!
  7. VGC 2011 Video Thread

    Is that the leftovers timeout win? Cuz that was by far the most amazing battle from six. And here's the link to the master's final 3rd battle I recorded. I posted it in the World's thread, but I guess it really belongs here. Master's final battle
  8. Worlds 2011: as told by andrea

    Andrea, it was really nice to finally meet you and Chad irl. You guys are amazingly nice people! I feel like I just re-lived all of the awesome moments from Worlds! Superb writeup! =)
  9. Regionals to be in November and April!

    From the first link: "According to Nethirious, who will be working at a November Regional in Oregon, one day will be dedicated to the TCG while the other day will be dedicated to video game challenges!" Could it be possible that this Nethirious person saw "VGC" and assumed the "C" meant...
  10. Look at this f**kin hoopster

    Damn! I knew it was a reference to my hoop earrings and promiscuity!
  11. Warstory - 3º Place Pokemon Worlds 2011 ¡¡¡¡, GANAAAAR¡¡¡¡

    It was nice meeting you Ruben. Don't forget the new word I taught you... SLUT! SLUT! SLUT! SLUT! SLUT! Cuidate y talvez nos vemos en Hawaii.
  12. Worlds Warstory: Homecourt Advantage

    Awesome warstory! I thought I was gonna die running aroud in jeans. Next time we play I'm wearing my hoopster gear. Also, don't remember who said it but this was my favorite quote of the day: "what the hell is handball?!" "it's basically racquetball for people that are too poor to afford...
  13. TORNADO NEGRO - A worldstory

    FUCK YEA! Tornado Negro approves this war story! Min, It was really awesome meeting you. You are one of the nicest people I have ever met! Had a ton of fun hanging out and teaching you about our American customs like how to "make it rain!" Also, I found the slime you bought at Del Taco in the...
  14. VGC '11 World Championships - San Diego, US - August 14th - WON BY BlueCookies & kamz

    Congratulations Ray and Kamz! I had a lot of fun hanging out with everyone at World's this weekend. I'll post some pictures later, but in the meantime, here is a video of the final match between Ray and Matteo: I was sitting in the middle of Ray's...
  15. VGC '11 World Championships - San Diego, US - August 14th - WON BY BlueCookies & kamz

    Paul/zerowing's stream of master's round 4 up now. It's GEC vs an Italian player.
  16. (serious) This is Not a Pokemon

    I love your painting style! I cant help but to keep coming back to look at the Volcarona in the OP. Also, thank you for posting that Eelektross tutorial. Although I'm still a beginner at digital art, I found it extremely helpful. You were detailed yet concise. Hard to come by tutorials like...
  17. VGC '11 World Championships - San Diego, US - August 14th - WON BY BlueCookies & kamz

    What do they mean by that? a special poke in-game?
  18. Jirachi's! Best Nickname?! (Event over, mods please close)

    I thought everyone already knew that JEWRACHI is the best name for it.
  19. VGC '11 World Championships - San Diego, US - August 14th - WON BY BlueCookies & kamz

    Look at Tyler's post above. That's the only fast food you need when in California. Also, I will be there for the LCQ and any other shenanigans (LGF) that may be going on after. Looking forward to meeting a lot of new people and seeing some old friends.