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  1. BW Cup IV - Round 1

    So still nothing from my opponent.
  2. GSC Cup IV - Signups

  3. RBY Cup IV - Signups

  4. DPP Cup IV - Round 1

    In as sub. :( only one I care about
  5. BW Cup IV - Round 1

    Been a few days with no response from my opponent. Presuming by baseless you mean just requesting activity without anything to bakc it up. I know there is time in the round but not sure if you want to know early for sub spots.
  6. ADV Cup IV - Signups

  7. DPP Cup IV - Signups

  8. BW Cup IV - Signups

  9. Championship - Type B Type Restriction Tournament IV - Round 1

    Are the abilities Colour Change and Protean allowed?
  10. The Highlander Tournament III [Round 1]

    Hey, out matchup hasn't been updated. We'e been in contact and are basically waiting for confirmation of the Pokes we told each other we picked.
  11. Smogon Premier League VIII - Midseason Signups

    Player Name: Brammi Tiers: DPP OU, RBY OU Timezone: GMT+11 Time Missed: Nothing planned.
  12. Vacation Spots

    Sydneysider here, and yeah Melbourne is defs a better city for exploring. For New South Wales (the state Sydney is in) best spots are actually not Sydney. Blue Mountains has some great rock formations, specifically the Three Sisters. My favourite spot is near the Boarder to Queensland, you can...
  13. Official Smogon Tournament XIII - Round 1

    Won in 3. Won game 1 in a hax fest. Game two was tight but he outplayed. And game three came down to a damage roll. I won by 1% on my last poke. GGs, very good series of games.
  14. Championship - Type B Little Cup Training Camp [ROUND 1]

    Activity, new opponent hasn't been responding.
  15. The Highlander Tournament III

    Bewear, Jirachi, Machamp
  16. Tournament The Mix and Mega Open [Round 1]

    /in as sub
  17. Championship - Type B Little Cup Training Camp [ROUND 1]

    I said I would not be available the next short while. I just came on to sort out an exact time to find I've been replaced. Not to mention I made contact and it took her days as well. I hardly think this is fair.