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  1. Smogon Premier League VIII - Player Signups

    Player Name: VecandLexxPlay Tiers Played: SM OU / GSC OU / RBY OU / ADV OU / DPP OU/ BW OU / ORAS OU / SM Ubers/ SM LC/ SM Doubles Timezone : CST Significant time Missed? Not at all.
  2. Gen 2 Gen 2 PS Development - Post bugs here

    Main thing I can still see is a bunch of moveset issues it seems even though they are 100% legititimate. Umbreon cannot have Charm(Egg Move) Toxic(TM) Rest(TM) Pursuit(Level-UP) Gengar is Illegal with Perish Song/ Mean Look/ Protect/ Thunderbolt There are many moves that can be called with...
  3. Smogon's Official Ladder Tournament - Cycle 1 Signups (read post #734, #743 and #766)

    Forum Name shadowkid17 Cycle one Alts: LT1A Shadowkid17 LT1B Shadowkid17 LT1C Shadowkid17
  4. sent you a PM I'm resting but I am on standby waiting :3

    sent you a PM I'm resting but I am on standby waiting :3
  5. BW Cup I - Signups

  6. Wednesday Central 2:00 Pm - 9:00 Pm your time?

    Wednesday Central 2:00 Pm - 9:00 Pm your time?
  7. Gen 2 As promised, thisisBob. Think of it as my guide part 2 (long)

    for those of you who may or may not be interested... I cannot use NB supremacy anymore , so I am now wifi battling all three all generations if you are or are not interested.. It'd be amazing to battle you VIL. I also use XD and colloseum to wifi
  8. Gen 3 No Fazing - Adv OU team by Lutra

    Its Funny That Statement that was made about, the whole synergy thing. Its all about how the movesets and strategies coincide, rather than a team synergy. Each pokemon should serve thier purpose. I think the sets, and the team itself here blend exceptionally well. I however also disagree, on...
  9. Gen 3 Try this Edit Please

    well... added forry... over tres now I am seriously stuck Want to go elemence... non choice tar perhaps... dd tar
  10. Gen 3 Try this Edit Please

    Salamence (M) @ Leftovers Trait: Intimidate EVs: 4 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Spd Adamant Nature (+Atk, -SAtk) - Dragon Dance - Earthquake - Hidden Power [Flying] - Rock Slide Donphan (M) @ Leftovers Trait: Sturdy EVs: 156 HP / 136 Atk / 172 Def / 31 Spd / 15 SDef Impish Nature (+Def, -SAtk) -...
  11. Gen 3 Someone Help Please

    Ok I have been in advanced for a while I had a working team but now I am having Flaws Someone Tell Me What You See Moltres @ Petaya Berry ** Scorch Trait: Pressure EVs: 4 HP / 252 Spd / 252 SAtk Modest Nature (+SAtk, -Atk) - Agility - Fire Blast - Hidden Power [Grass] - Substitute I love...