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  1. x MAD AXES x

    XY RU RMT post mega/zor ban

    This is a team that I based around cresselia as I felt she would benefit alot with the bans that happened a while back, I based the team off eonx justified RUse team but made some changes. Cresselia Leftovers Bold Nature 252 hp 180 def 76 sp.A substitute calm mind moonblast psyshock This set...
  2. x MAD AXES x

    My first competitive team

    Mega-Tyranitar EVs: Hp 252 / Atk 4 / Def 252 Ability: Sand stream Impish Nature Moves: Pursuit Stone edge earthquake Stealth rock This is basically my stealth rock set upper wall, I will lead with this and if they lead with a pokemon that can't handle him I will pursuit trap him. I needed a...