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  1. Yo. Dunno if i missed the chance but yeah if you can play tommorow i'll be on. I'll be on False...

    Yo. Dunno if i missed the chance but yeah if you can play tommorow i'll be on. I'll be on False Hope. Or any of my numerous alts. Just type my name in the ubers chat and hopefully i'll see it.
  2. The Ubers Open III - Sign-ups

    in: my name is False Hope on showdown
  3. Metagamiate!

    Has anyone thought of combining Empoleon with Petaya Berry + Torrent. That'll give it a straight up +2 if you combine that with the 1.3x boost you are getting a total boost of 2.6x. Unfortunately I'm not sure if Torrent boosts normal moves in this meta, and Empoleon gets shit all for normal...
  4. Gen 6 Ubers Gengarite Suspect Alt Confirmation Thread

    Possibly the longsest journey to reqs. Lord save my soul. And damn the ladder for crashing on wins but working on losses. Hopefully the img works.
  5. Super Scary Web HO

    Switched it up so Garchomp is running a scarf and Kyurem-B is lefties + Substitute. I started running Breloom and it works fairly well. Miss out on quite a bit of power and struggle to hit Megavenasaur a little more but it works ok.
  6. Super Scary Web HO

    hmm, I'm not too sure about the Bisharp stat. For one the speed decrease beens my whole team outspeeds it. Bisharp has become a rarity over these days and haven't seen too much of it. I used to run Mega heracross and not once did i see a problem with Bisharp. Yeah. Just looked at some damage...
  7. Super Scary Web HO

    Just getting this thread straight out there while I can. Been using this team for a while and it is very decent. As with all teams this doesn't have it's flaws, some of which I have sorted others meh... Kyran (Kyurem-Black) @ Life Orb Ability: Teravolt EVs: 248 HP / 252 Atk / 8 SDef Adamant...
  8. Ubers Amoonguss

    I got told to post this in the ubers chat so here you go I dislike the SpAtk investment. You lose a fair amount of SpDef and can't even check Specs Kyogre anymore (assuming equal playing field as far as hazards go). Sure it helps you pop SubXern subs but tbh Xerneas, even boosted, has a really...