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  1. QY_CS

    SM OU Charizard-Mega-Y Bulky Offense

    Introduction My basic thought is to use zard-y, a very unprepared pokemon for most teams, to quickly break down opponents' cores Teambuilding Process Hoopa-U first came into my mind as a great Chansey/Toxapex killer (relative safe switchins) which is also a pain for most other pokemons to...
  2. QY_CS

    [BH] Mega Rayquaza [QC 2/3] (reassigned)

    Current status: Implemented second QC check and reformatted into paragraphs with some slight tweak. Waiting for 3rd QC. [OVERVIEW] With a stellar combined offensive stats of 360, matched only by Deoxys-A, a high Speed stat of 115 and good offensive typing, Mega Rayquaza is one of the most...
  3. QY_CS

    Monotype Gardevoir (Fairy)

    [OVERVIEW] Fairy ====== * Gardevoir is a great revenge killer and late-game cleaner because of its decent Special Attack and Speed that make it a successful Choice Scarf user. * Gardevoir's Psychic-type STAB attacks allow it to hit Poison-types that would otherwise wall its teammates...
  4. QY_CS

    Arceus-Fairy [QC 0/3]

    [OVERVIEW] Well rounded stats with no disadvantage as an Arceus form. Good typing both in defense, resisting common types such as dark and fighting as well as being immune to dragon, and in offense where it's super effective against the three mentioned as well as a good neutral coverage...