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  1. PokemonMasterDebater

    Reduced Hax OU

    Approved by Hollywood, OP partially recycled from Gen 5 No Haxmons thread by SpartanMalice Reduced Hax OU Ever play OU, and get annoyed by constant hax and luck based situations? Hydro Pump missing, Ice Beam freezing you, Air Slash flinching you, not a single Rock move being accurate, etc...
  2. PokemonMasterDebater

    Three Type 'Mons (Accepting Council Applications)

    Approved by Hollywood Do some Pokemon's typings ever seem weird to you? Like all of the Moth Pokemon lacking a flying subtype, despite being able to fly? Or Stunfisk being a fish that's weak to water? In many cases, it would make more sense for a Pokemon to have more than 2 types. But we...