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  1. Darkinium

    Resource BSS Speed Tiers

    BATTLE SPOT SPEED TIERS Approved by cant say Updated from the previous Speed Tiers thread by DragonWhale Some formatting taken from the NU Speed Tiers thread This is the list of all the speed stats of viable Pokemon in the Battle Spot formats. Bold font indicates an important speed tier that...
  2. Darkinium

    PU Qwilfish

    [OVERVIEW] Qwilfish is one of the best Spikes and Toxic Spikes setters in the tier thanks to its decent physical bulk, great defensive typing, and ability Intimidate letting it set entry hazards more easily and blanket check common attackers such as Hitmonchan and Skuntank. It also has access...
  3. Darkinium

    PU Altaria

    [OVERVIEW] Altaria is a solid pick on bulkier builds as a defensive Defogger and check to powerful threats such as Eelektross, Swanna, and Lilligant thanks to its good bulk, access to Roost, and Dragon / Flying typing. Altaria's also more durable than other entry hazard removers such as...
  4. Darkinium

    Lure That Threat [That's All, Folks! (Paused For BSPL)]

    Approved by cant say OP stolen from ORAS OU thread, with some slight changes by Darkinium (myself) Some changes were replaced with stuff from our Victim of the Week thread, from where most of the overall format was taken as well. Welcome, Battle Spot Singles players! We all know what lures are...
  5. Darkinium

    PU Primeape (Non-Choiced Offensive)

    QC: allstarapology / yogibears / Megazard GP: Aaronboyer (amcheck) / A Cake Wearing A Hat / The Dutch Plumberjack [SET] name: Non-Choiced Offensive move 1: Close Combat move 2: Stone Edge move 3: U-turn move 4: Encore / Gunk Shot item: Fist Plate / Fightinium Z ability: Defiant nature...
  6. Darkinium

    Project PU Next Best Thing [Thanks, Everyone!]

    Approved by forum moderators OP stolen from dingbat and his UU Version and some from Magnemite and his old XY PU one. Some formatting taken from the Battle Spot Singles Victim of the Week thread Taken over from Inferno Monferno who took it over from Twix, with some changes made by myself ART...