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  1. BlackMalachite

    SM OU Roserade Assault Core

    Roserade Assault Core Team at a glance: Summary: This is a team I've been running for a couple days switching out Pokemon, as I wanted to build a team centered around dealing with threats that I have quite a bit of trouble with usually (Tapu Fini, Tapu Koko, Tapu Bulu, and Tangrowth...
  2. BlackMalachite

    The Extreme Music Thread

    Extreme Music Now you're all probably confused about what this thread is for, so let me clarify a few things before we jump into the main meat of the post. No, this thread isn't just for metal music. This is not extreme in terms of heaviness, or anything along those lines. This is not for...
  3. BlackMalachite

    Warcraft III - (The best RTS game is getting a remaster)

    Next month, this game will be 15 years old, and it still holds up incredibly well. Not only that, but the game's player base is still very active due to the addictive custom map maker, as the custom maps are just about the only thing consistently played online. However, Blizzard basically just...
  4. BlackMalachite

    Serious Cloning / De-Extinction: Is It Ethical?

    As we as a society move further down the line of genetic science, one side branch that has appealed to use for generations is finally within our grasp "De-Extinction." De-Extinction is essentially bringing an extinct animal back to life, and this has already been done somewhat successfully...
  5. BlackMalachite

    Black Malachite - Music

    Black Malachite My tenth album "Cyber.Asylum" - Hello everyone! I've been playing Pokemon for ages now (started when I was around four years old over 20 years ago.) One thing that always stood out to me in Pokemon was the fantastic...
  6. BlackMalachite

    SM OU (Pokebank OU) Sneks on a Plane

    Team at a Glance: Summary: I went through a fair bit of trouble creating this team, and testing it out. Due to Zygarde-Normal now having Thousand Arrows, I felt as though this little fun team would actually bring me some decent success in OU, and it has. I started the assembly of this...