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  1. Smogon Tournament #8 - Round 4

    That's showing how good a writer Eo is :)
  2. Smogon University PO Statistics — December 2011

    Will the person responsible for making Chinchou as common as Arceus-Rock in Ubers 1337 please stand up? =)
  3. Smogon University PO Statistics — December 2011

    Lol @ how badly the No Arceus challenge biased Ubers stats. Dialga taking over #1 in 1337 Ubers stats? Blasphemy! Alakazam to OU is a good thing, I do think it's a bit too strong for UU no matter what the council may think. Chansey leaving UU is nice. I'm firmly against Chansey being...
  4. Smogon University PO Statistics — November 2011

    Oh stfu Scizor, Kyogre the real God of Pokemon commands you! Can you lower the rating cutoff for the less active ladders then?
  5. Smogon University PO Statistics — November 2011

    Go soak your head too RBG :( @Antar - would it be possible to get 1337 stats based on ladder position? For a more active ladder like OU, you could do something like top 200 players, while for a less active one like Ubers, you could do top 80 (or something). That way, we'd still get stats from...
  6. Smogon University PO Statistics — November 2011

    THE REAL GODS OF POKEMON Go soak your head, Arceus.
  7. Spelling and Grammar Standards

    I think our current spelling and grammar conventions tend to be rather wordy and encourage long sentences with multiple commas, which in turn makes things clunky and difficult to read (not unlike this sentence, to an extent). It may be just me, but I find a fair bit of analyses utilizing such...
  8. Mesprit (UU Update)

    You could ask Bad Ass abotu CB Mesprit: You might want Thunder Wave on that Scarf Lead set? To paralyze anything you Trick the Scarf onto.
  9. Mesprit (UU Update)

    I think it deserves a mention, but a main slash ... it might fit Uxie better, who has the bulk to take hits and retaliate with paralysis. That said, for the lead set you might want to re-evaluate the nature or just go flat out with 0 speed IVs (for the slow U-turn etc). Gardevoir gets dual...
  10. Smogon University PO Statistics — October 2011

    ^Hail got a lot more uncommon with sand in the tier, so it's believable. Less believable is that there are players rated above 1337 who're using stuff like Plusle. Is that a bug, or are there really top players trolling the ladder with weird Pokemon? @_@
  11. Smogon University PO Statistics — October 2011

    Lol @ Glaceon's 100+ uses in 1337 UU ladder. That must've been mostly me :) Also I just knew that Roserade would hit #1 on the UU used lists. That Pokemon is so versatile!
  12. Policy on Placeholder Threads

    Personally, I'm for placeholders of this type but against placeholders that just say "placeholder". I think a detailed placeholder, like the one I created for Gardevoir, helps a lot with forming a good analysis. There I for example kept a list of all the moves that make Gardevoir unique, and...
  13. Venomoth (Analysis)

    I might've been overly dramatic by saying that Venomoth turns itself into dead weight by missing a Sleep Powder, but consider: Also consider: Or: When Rotom-W uses Hydro Pump and misses, worst case scenario is that it dies (it might not, because opponent can switch out - when it...
  14. Venomoth (Analysis)

    Because if Venomoth misses a Sleep Powder, it turns itself, screen turns and potential pass recipients into deadweight. Venomoth has a lot more riding on it landing its Sleep Powder than other Pokemon with inaccurate moves. In the same way, an unfortunate freeze on Venomoth tends to impact a...
  15. Venomoth (Analysis)

    I would suggest mentionining Venomoth's unreliability somewhere, because that is what I've found to be its biggest weakness. Sleep Powder CAN miss, you CAN get 1-turn sleeps, you CAN fail to pass before Empoleon (who's naturally slower) Roars you out, etc.
  16. (Archive) Small Objective Changes Thread

    Baton Pass guide: Missing a comma.
  17. (Archive) Small Objective Changes Thread

    Also this from the same guide: Something is missing here. Go for multiple Nasty Plots while forgoing Rock Polish? Or go for multiple Nasty Plots while Rock Polishing?
  18. (Archive) Small Objective Changes Thread

    Advanced guide to Ubers: The checklist for the first team claims it has a special wall (Blissey) when there isn't a Blissey in the team. Neither does it have Groudon as a physical wall. I think this checklist was somehow duplicated...
  19. np: UU Suspect Test Round 2 - Cold As Ice

    On why Froslass deserves a close look (compared to TWave Jirachi with Iron Head): I have no direct experience with Jirachi since I don't play OU, but I'll still venture a few points. You can absorb TWave with a ground type that threatens Jirachi and are relatively secure vs. Iron Head. Against...
  20. np: UU Suspect Test Round 2 - Cold As Ice

    I swear, Sub / TWave / Spikes / Ice Beam Froslass in hail is one of the silliest things in the metagame. It has its counters, but it's also ridiculously annoying, not to mention effective. I'll probably nominate Snow Cloak for next round, and with it probably Sand Veil too. I've yet to try...