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  1. Chieliee

    Quick Rate Subforum

    As someone with quite some knowledge of the LC metagame, people often ask me: "can you rate my team?" when i'm busy doing other things. I usually don't have time for it, or not in the mood to try to convince them that duskull sucks. So I redirect them to the RMT forum. So far, everything is...
  2. Chieliee


    bear with me, first analysis (twas about time e.e) Overview ######## Munchlax was often overlooked in Gen V due to the omnipresence of Fighting-Types such as Mienfoo, Timburr and Scraggy. In Gen 6, though, these have become much less common, while more special attackers have appeared in the...
  3. Chieliee

    Sticky Web

    Sticky Web is a new entry hazard, which, when on your field, gives each grounded (non-flying/levitate) a -1 stat in Speed. While the distribution of the move is extremely narrow, limited to just Joltik and Spinarak, i feel that this move certainly has a niche. Setting up Spider web to counter...
  4. Chieliee


    (approved by blarajan) As most of you probably know, Defog has gained a massive buff this generation, as it removes entry hazards on both sides of the field, instead of just the ones you set. This means big business in every tier, including LC. Notable differences between Rapid Spin and...
  5. Chieliee

    The Top 10 Titans of the 5th Gen LC Metagame

    Approved by Blarajan - Stolen from the OU, UU, RU and NU ones Top 10 Titans of 5th Gen LC As 6th gen swiftly approaches, I think it’s time that we take a look back on the entire 5th gen LC Metagame. With the transition from 4th gen to 5th gen, Eviolite got introduced, which meant the metagame...