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  1. 2010 music

    I usually never listen to hardcore music but I kinda want to branch out into other genres and at least see if it interests me. I don't wanna listen to like Death Metal or Metal anything, just post-hardcore stuff I guess...? Does anyone have any good bands that are like more hard rock-ish lol? I...
  2. To dissect or not to dissect?

    The only reason why I wouldn't dissect an animal is because it's really disgusting. But anyway, I have done it before, but it wasn't a frog, it was a pig fetus. It was super gross. 8|
  3. Height

    I'm 18 and I'm like 5'6" or something. I thought I was 5'7" for a while but I figured out my mom messed up when she was measuring my height so I'm probably actually an inch or two shorter. And yeah, I'd definitely rather date a guy that was taller than me. 5'9 or higher is alright in my eyes. I...
  4. Apple Launches The Highly Anticipated iPad.

    This thing looks pretty pointless in my opinion... I really wouldn't want to carry a gigantic iPod touch around lol :( Better luck next time Apple!
  5. 2010 music

    I like Vampire Weekend's new album. Like every song on it is good. And I'm waiting for new albums from Radiohead, Arcade Fire, M.I.A., and Rihanna might have a new album coming out this year too possibly. I can't think of any other bands right now but those are the main ones I want right now.
  6. Where do you buy your clothes?

    I approve of this thread. Anyways, I go to quite a few stores in the mall... I don't have a set place where I like to shop at, besides places like Juicy Couture at the La Cantera mall. The malls in SA are pretty big so there's always somewhere to go. As long as they don't have ugly clothes...
  7. Superstars Mafia - Game Over! Celebrities (and Staraptor Call) win!

    eh, eh, there's nothing else i can say, eh, ehhh well, nothing besides lynch zerowing (bambi
  8. Gen needs your help

    1) What is your gender? Female 2) What is your race? Caucasian/Native American 3) What is your age? 18 4) what is your social status (i.e. lower/middle/upper class)? Upper Middle 5) Where were you born? Phoenix, Arizona 6) Where do you live now? San Antonio, Texas 7) What is your education...
  9. Superstars Mafia - Signups!

    Confirming my spot on my phone, I'm gonna be swamped with hw tonight so I decided to go on ahead and do it while I have the chance
  10. Most tragic childhood memory

    My most tragic childhood memory is seeing obese people and more Mexicans than number of men Tila Tequila has slept with. Thanks Arizona and New Mexico!!! And btw, Scar is a fat whore for killing Mufasa.
  11. How did you create your username?

    ^ What she said. :)