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  1. Monotype Monotype Summer Seasonal Round 1

    I'm playing the same person lol contacted
  2. Monotype Monotype Spring Seasonal Round 4

    ggs was fun, sorry if i AFKd, don't think i did but i have three brain cells and need to preserve their use carefully
  3. Monotype Monotype Spring Seasonal Round 3 Losers' Bracket

    Opp didn't show at time and hasn't been on since Wednesday
  4. Official Smogon Tournament XV - Round 2-A

    lost in a fun 3, sorry for the hax
  5. Monotype Monotype Spring Seasonal - Round 2

    opp hasn't been on since monday
  6. Official Smogon Tournament XV - Round 1-A

    won in 3 vs pnf, terribly sorry about the hax...
  7. Monotype Monotype Spring Seasonal - Round 1 lost in 2, great fun even if i'm crap
  8. ScOUting - Sign Ups

    Yes. I'll be sending each player the other player's importable
  9. Monotype Ubers Tour - Won by Drakus04

    Azick vs SirSkit SirSkit vs Drakus04 Drakus04 vs Azick It's finals please don't make me set a deadline
  10. ScOUting - Sign Ups

    approved by the TDs So, Zygarde got banned recently. It's hard to play against a Pokemon that has more sets it can run than tennisace has badges. If you knew which set it ran, you could play against it properly. Team Preview helps, but an importable is better. This tournament will have you...
  11. Monotype Ubers Tour - Won by Drakus04

    Azick vs smub Decem vs Drakus04 SirSkit vs Shokkking deadline: jan 16
  12. Monotype Ubers Tour - Won by Drakus04

    Edit: okay Union Station sucks, I will look into this when I'm done travelling
  13. Monotype Ubers Tour - Won by Drakus04

    Round 2 deadline: Jan 12 smub vs Havens Azick vs Jase The World Decem vs Guwahavel Drakus04 vs (peachycl0uds vs a fruitshop owner [Deadline Jan 8]) Velvet Blood vs SirSkit Mr. Miner vs Shokkking
  14. Monotype Ubers Tour - Won by Drakus04

    It didn't occur to me that I'd be at MAGFest when the deadline hit so I'll process things tomorrow when I'm back at my hotel: play if you haven't yet please