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  1. OhSnapple!

    OhSnapple's Breed House - Open for service!

    Welcome to OhSnapple's Breed House Howdy, I've been playing pokemon games since I first got Sapphire as a kid, and I started breeding mons when X & Y came around. After being disappointed with the post game of X & Y, I decided to get the most out of my game, and try out some competitive...
  2. OhSnapple!

    OhSnapple!'s Art page of Art(takes requests)

    Hello, and welcome to my silly little mediocre art gallery. I'm self taught, and like to practice drawing on my graphics tablet. Please excuse the quality of my artz, I know it's less than ideal, but I'm learning. (oh, and I take requests) Enjoy~ Latest Artz moar Artz in here (All of...
  3. OhSnapple!

    !!Taking Breeding Requests!!

    Want a legit 5IV pokemon bred? I'm currently taking requests for any breedable Pokemon. Within reason of course. I will NOT breed for shinies. I might not have the HA, or form of the pokemon you want. So if you could provide me with such, I'd greatly appreciate it. If you want a Pokemon...