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  1. Entei The Swift

    The Ultimate Showcase

    ------------------------------------------------- Trainer Info OT: Yami TID: 46137 TSV: 3131,3860 Pokemon X FC: 4141 2632 2903 Friend Safari : Abra - Espurr - Xatu ------------------------------------------------- Rules No Hacks Be nice and patient I do not want to trade unless you...
  2. Entei The Swift

    Move Natural Gift (Potential uses)

    Just viewing over this move as of X & Y this move now has access to 100 base power berries of every type including fairy < < <. While in B&W this move seemed lack luster the 20 base power increase, I feel, makes it seem quite a bit more viable. This in conjunction with Unburden/Harvest can lead...
  3. Entei The Swift

    Item Red Card (Viable Users, Role in the Meta)

    I had seen a un-updated post about this item back in october so I wanted to touch basis on an effective strategy that I feel can change this item from being a niche in the current meta to a more prominent choice in certain team compositions. Notable/Potential Red Card Users: Rotom W Deoxys...
  4. Entei The Swift


    Made by Me Rules No Hacks Be nice and patient I do not want to trade unless you have a thread. I strongly encourage you though to make a thread on here. When a giveaway takes place do not PM or VM me. Post on here otherwise you may not get your prize. If everyone in the...
  5. Entei The Swift

    Entei Can't Stop Breeding [Closed for projects]

    Made by Me Rules: No Hacks No Cloning of my Pokemon Don't Lie to me about Ivs/evs when i ask Be nice and patient ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Services: Breeding - I can breed any Pokemon in my thread. I can...