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  1. The Diabolic Gift

    ORAS OU Death by geology!

    Just because I can this introduction will be very brief: Hi, this is my team. First off I wanted to use a Scizor because it is a great option for offensive teams because it is able to stop Weavile, wall & wallbreak stall with swords dance and roost and allows pivoting. I feel like if I wanted...
  2. The Diabolic Gift

    NOC Fire and Ice Mafia: Fire and Ice tie, the village loses.

    Day 1 of Fire & Ice Mafia has Begun. For Players You All Have Received A Conversation Displaying the Player List and Lynches. The Deadline is In 2 Days. Post Lynches In This Thread And Your Conversation Will Display The Lynch. Current Players: Acidphoenix ButteredToast Cancerous Celever...
  3. The Diabolic Gift

    NOC Fire & Ice Mafia Signups

    Fire & Ice Mafia Approved By: Da Letter El Roles: Doctor: Each night phase, you may protect one player in the game from being nightkilled. You win when all threats to the town have been eliminated and there is at least one town player alive. Villager Your weapon is your vote, you have no...
  4. The Diabolic Gift

    XY Ubers Rate my Uber's Team

    I'm not good at the tier's but here is my uber's team Xerneas Power Herb Ability: Fairy Aura Shiny: Yes EVs: 4 HP / 252 SpA / 252 Spe Modest Nature - Roar - Thunderbolt - Moonblast - Geomancy Typical Xerneas, well almost, Roar is NOT a common Xerneas Move so why do I use it? Ok lets say a ditto...