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  1. CrashinBoomBang

    Gen 3 ADV Bellypass

    ADV OU Bellypass I thought about making a thread similar to this one for a long time now, probably ever since ADV got kicked out of Smogon Tour. I never really got around to it until now, though, partly because I didn't care enough to actually do it and partly because the team never really...
  2. CrashinBoomBang

    XY OU Without A Fight - Hyper Offense

    This is our time! Without a doubt! Time to ignite! We're not going down! Without a fight... So, with me now being done with pretty much any kind of serious Pokemon'ing thanks to everything about it, from the game itself to a big part of its community, pissing me off, I decided that I'd...
  3. CrashinBoomBang

    XY OU Crystalised - Bulky Offense

    After the lately stigma of RMT being mostly filled with terrible teams and tournament players not trying to fix it by posting their own teams, I figured I'd somewhat try to change that. So, what I am posting here is my and Unbirthday's main team for both tournament and ladder play for the past 3...