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    Metagame Sword & Shield - RU Speculation Thread

    Toxtricity @ Choice Specs Ability: Punk Rock EVs: 4 HP / 252 SpA / 252 Spe Timid Nature IVs: 0 Atk - Boomburst - Overdrive - Sludge Wave - Volt Switch I can see this mon being like a pure special wallbreaker with specs. Electric / Poison isn't a bad typing but isn't really good either, it has a...
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    Metagame SwSh Little Cup Data and Speculation

    I will probs sound like a noob when I ask but, what seperates Trapinch from Diglett as a trapper?
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    SPOILERS! Pokemon Sword & Shield Pre-Release SPOILERS - Check Post 2!

    Any information on Toxtricity? Did its ampted form get datamined yet?
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    SPOILERS! Sword and Shield in-game team discussion thread

    Aight, so I am gonna choose: Rillaboom, Corviknight, Theivul, Drugapult, Sandaconda, Copperajah
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    SPOILERS! Pokemon Sword & Shield Pre-Release SPOILERS - Check Post 2!

    Mew gets almost all hazards, and also NP and SD and the TMs and TRs this gen look fantastic Man I see too much hope for Mew this gen.
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    SPOILERS! Pokemon Sword & Shield Pre-Release SPOILERS - Check Post 2!

    Yo Galarian Darmanitans ability is basically Choice Band, I can see people just slap a scarf or a CB for +2 attack pretty much, or scarf for basically a dragon dance
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    Fgs I was hoping a VGC without Incineroar on every team, am sad.
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    I agree with that, though using Shed is going to be more risky because with HDB, while it can just switch into Spikes/Stealth Rocks for free using it will require more prediction, since it really isn't able to switch in freely at all with literally 1 HP. Now being a more prediction reliant...
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    Nah, Shedinja is now even weaker to T-tar now, cause of not only sand but also pursuit, and without a focus sash, it isn't going to survive in a match for a while. But considering that it has a niche in stall it will might have the same niche in Gen 8 too. Speaking of sand, with Excadrill in...
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    Dexit discussion thread

    Aight so my opinion on Dexit, A) So S&M have over 800 Pokemon in their games, now the reason why I don't like how Game Freak handled Dexit is because of the fact that 3ds had over 800 pokemon and they are moving onto the switch, which is objectively a more powerful console, but their reason at...
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    Resource USUM OU ULTRA Viability Ranking Thread

    Noms time bois A+ -> S I feel like I am one of those people who think Tornadus-T is a Top 5 pokemon in the meta at this point, because this mon just has unbelievable role compression and general utility, it can remove hazards, cripple mons by removing items, pivot and be a special wallbreaker...
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    Project Personal NU Viability Rankings Discussion

    S rank: Pokemon in this rank fill all of the main criteria and then some with a strong proficiency in one or more of the positive traits. If a Pokemon in this rank has any downsides, they are usually tame or eclipsed by their obvious assets. S :incineroar: Incineroar :passimian: Passimian...
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    Announcement 1v1 Suspect - Dragonite

    I can see where people are coming from, Dnite has high amounts of sets, however all its checks/counters from what I've seen and used completely viable on their own, the centralization isn't that extreme, I don't see trashmons being used specifically to beat Dragonite and nothing else, or mons...
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    Announcement 1v1 Suspect - Dragonite

    Alright my take on Dragonite. It is not broken, because if it was it would have very limited checks, Dragonite can be dealt by literally bringing any type of ice coverage, and if you're unable to deal with Dragonite, then that's your fault for not considering it. Dragonite doesn't...
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    Announcement Dragonite Suspect Voter ID Thread

    72-13 with exactly 75.5% hope i did it right though
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    SM OU Normalium Z Kartana balance team

    Aight so I am not that great at teambuilding, in fact I'm still learning, so if there's anything I should fix please let me know, but this is one of my first teams when I getting back into OU, and I wanted to test out Kartana, so I made this balance team, which seemed to do well for me on the...
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    Pokemon Sword & Shield Discussion RD: 15/11/2019 **Official news only**

    That reminds me, in B&W there was different wild battle music when facing a pokemon with a higher level iirc, so theres a possibility that there could be the case of that being added
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    Pokemon Sword & Shield Discussion RD: 15/11/2019 **Official news only**

    I have a feeling that it is probs going to be something similar to omniboosting in S&M, like all the stats, or just a single stat of the mon will be raised or something, or it might just be a much higher level