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    Racism and war

    We all experience racism and its effects in different ways. Racism isn't just a hatred towards others that aren't to our liking (that statement is actually borderline racist in of itself), it's a concept that affects all of us. Whether you're a beneficiary of the structures of racism and their...
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    1v1 Clefable [QC 2/3] [QP 0/2]

    Implemented except for the mention of Chansey in the status users which I kept :)
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    1v1 Raikou [WIP]

    [OVERVIEW] Raikou is a specialized Special attacker and Wallbreaker in the 1v1 metagame. It uses status moves like Calm Mind and Substitute to break Specially defensive Pokemon like Magearna and Tapu Lele and can outspeed and KO frailer threats that rely on their speed to defeat foes like...
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    ADV Adv 1v1 Cup: Round 3

    Won in 5 vs Cheese, ggs
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    1v1 Sub Torrent Greninja - Update [QC 3/3] [GP 2/2]

    Sorry about that. Implemented :)
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    I'm pretty busy, can I john till next Sunday?

    I'm pretty busy, can I john till next Sunday?
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    When fite for classic, -7

    When fite for classic, -7
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    ADV Adv 1v1 Cup: Round 2

    won vs Gunderson, ggs
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    1v1 Sub Torrent Greninja - Update [QC 3/3] [GP 2/2]

    Implemented, sorry for the lateness.
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    Announcement 1v1 Suspect - Dragonite

    Fast. Bulky.
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    Bug Reports v3 [READ ORIGINAL POST before posting]

    Possible bug with Body Slam. On turn 1 of this battle, Jirachi paralyzes me with Body slam but PS says that Pyukumuku flinched. He said in chat he was Sitrus so flinch from item is out of the picture. Or he could be King's Rock/Razor Fang...
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    Announcement 1v1 Suspect - Dragonite

    That's why I said bulky Lele lol. Avalugg can just click avalanche and win
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    Announcement 1v1 Suspect - Dragonite

    3 PZ sets: Custap, Scarf, and Normallium Z Conversion -> Ghost. Z Conversion can run Recover or Nasty Plot but not both. Scarf is Modest and runs Uproar, HPFire, Ice Beam, and Hyper Beam. 1. Dragonite (You just get absolutely rekt by Fly Z, you can't hit hard enough.) 2. Magearna (This thing...
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    1v1 Ambipom [QC 1/3] [GP 0/2]

    Good enough. 1/3
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    Announcement 1v1 Suspect - Dragonite

  16. Synonimous

    Announcement 1v1 Suspect - Dragonite

    I'll be doing the PZ matchups to see how accurate that claim is :).
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    Announcement 1v1 Suspect - Dragonite

    I think a lot of people are confused on how to define a check or a counter so let me do a definitive analysis. I'm defining a counter to be a Pokemon that consistently beats Flynium Z, Dragonium Z, Choice Scarf, and Choice Band Dragonite without requiring prediction of the set. I define an...