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  1. Kaiju Bunny

     You're Not My Type

    Ever wanted to see what a Pokemon looks like with a different typing? Well, now you can! How it works: Similar to Picture Telephone, a host will pm all participants with a random Pokemon and a random type. All you have to do is draw and reply in the pm what you think the Pokemon would then look...
  2. Kaiju Bunny

    Approved Tiers Being Shown When Battling in Battle Factory

    It's not imperative that this is implemented, but I think it'd be pretty helpful if when people challenge in the Battle Factory format, the tier is shown in some way so people can have a better feel for what to expect. Obviously, it's pretty clear what a tier is such as Ubers and Monotype, but...
  3. Kaiju Bunny

    The Library Interview

    Written by WritingWolf (Alphawolf12 ) and Kaiju Bunny After a week of accepting questions from users within the room, The Library room on PS! has written up how their interview went, hosted by WritingWolf! Click the button below to check it out and we hope you enjoy! I walked into the...
  4. Kaiju Bunny

    Kaiju Bunny's Art Thread

    Heya! Kaiju Bunny here. I've been dabbling in both Traditional and Digital Art for some time, and I thought I'd finally start up a thread to share it :p At the moment, requests aren't available, but I hope to ope them up again in the near future! :heart: Some of my most recent pieces are found...
  5. Kaiju Bunny

    From the Darkness We Rise - The Happy Place Halloween Contest

    Art by LifeisDANK From the Darkness We Rise With Halloween this month, The Happy Place is happy to introduce its second contest! In the spirit of the season, our theme for this contest revolves around personal fears and how you wish to conquer them. Or maybe you already have! We’d love to see...